Bills, the cold arrives: how to save on heating?

From 1 October the bills will increase dramatically for Italians, in addition to the lower temperatures. In these, the radiator, hot water and household appliances are used much more often, without considering the increased use of the house. Let’s see some tips on how to cut your bills for the next few months.

The upcoming winter season could be very onerous in terms of bills, both light and methane gas. Both for the seasonality of uses, which will certainly be greater than the summer ones, but also for the increases in bills that are scheduled for October 1st.

There are gods tricks to cut your next bills? Let’s clarify together in the following article.

Energy: here’s how to save for the winter months


The plan proposed by the government is oriented to saving gas which will allow Italy not to run out of stocks in the coming months. In fact, stocks are very low. The measures of the plan intend to give Italy about thirty billion cubic meters alternative to those imported in 2021 from Russia. More renewable energy sources, new fields, new sources of methane, use of coal and biomethane are some of the ways.

It will certainly be very hard months, but perhaps it is the only way to overcome this period of cuts and high energy prices.

Bills: Cingolani’s tips to save


Now let’s see what the advice and uses that Italians will have to acquire to try to save on future bills. The government has issued a document called the “National Plan for the containment of natural gas consumption”. This is a 15-page PDF that Italians will have to follow to try to save.

From the fewer minutes to take a shower, which should take an average of 7 to 5 minutes, passing through the cooking of pasta and food, the document is full of tips and uses to use. What is worrying is the lack of controls on businesses and even more so on households.

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