Bills, wi-fi router should not be turned off to save electricity. Here because

Dear bills: turn off everything, put on “slippers” to “reset” at night or during absences the stand by devices of the electrical appliances (the red lights, in short) but do not touch the wi-fi router for which it is considered not so useful give up lighting 24 hours a day and for the whole year. Because?

Because in the meantime, the savings in terms of electricity consumption would be on the verge of negligence if you think that in a year a router can cost, depending on the model, from 23 to 51 euros even with the current increases in kwh.

We have been talking about turning off wi-fi routers at night in every way for some time, just as it is advised not to keep these devices on, which are increasingly indispensable in these times of smart working, if they have been placed in the rooms where you sleep. It is understood that there is no talk of saving electricity, but of hypothetical health issues. In reality, in fact, there are, at least for now, studies that attest to any problems if you remain immersed in this web of data that come and go and then you decide what to do.

As for energy saving, however, the wi-fi router is not an electric household like the others. If it turns off and on, it takes time to connect to the network: start-up, tests, hardware checks, hooking up the line, connection to our ISP, our “tax code” for telematic connections.

All the time in which you are still without service and you are perhaps forced to consume the data package of your smartphone.

What if you are away from home for a long time? Then it may make sense to turn it off, unless the alarm system uses it …

And it is true that when the wi-fi router is turned off it is not hackable, but also the switching on and off phase can attract the attention of hackers. Yes, ok, but how many are actually in the crosshairs of the pirates of the network? The worst can happen to a neighbor who sucks connections like electricity meters do, but in short, these are very relative risks.

In the United Kingdom various providers, including BT and Sky, do not recommend turning the routers off and on also because these maneuvers, in addition to increasing the risk of hardware breakdowns, can trigger reports of failures with speed limitation or interruption of the connection after that a signal has been sent for an emergency that does not actually exist.

Modern routers are also equipped with encryption with the WPA2 or WPA3 protocols defined as sufficiently “secure”.

Finally, the question of software updates that the provider sends only at night to avoid slowdowns during the hours of greatest use.

In summary: we also study and constantly apply every consumption saving strategy in our homes, but leave the wi-fi router alone.

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