Binance TR, Turkey’s Local Leading Crypto Asset Platform, Turns Three Years Old!

Inspired by the power of Binance Global to develop and enhance the global blockchain ecosystem with its knowledge and experience, Binance TR meets users in Turkey as an independent, fully in-house platform from Binance Global, and in its third Continues to grow over the year.

It continues to lead the industry with its strong support for the Turkish Lira, its collaboration with Turkey’s leading banks, its recently launched automated investment product, as well as its convert and easy buy-sell features.

As part of Binance TR’s 3rd anniversary celebration, the 15 users who share the most creative video or photo about Binance TR on Twitter and/or Instagram will share a prize pool of $1,500.

Binance TR, which continues to be a leader in the industry with the innovations it has brought to the platform since day one, continues to develop services and products tailored to the needs and demands of its users within the scope of MASAK law and obligations. , which he completes meticulously. In this context, the automated investment products and convert and easy buy-sell products, which were introduced by Binance TR for the first time among domestic cryptocurrency platforms, stand out as important innovations introduced in the last three years.

At the same time, Binance TR, which seriously implements the most advanced security and data privacy protocols and controls, continues to find new areas of use and improve blockchain technology for the benefit of society. Binance TR, which aims to create a stable and secure platform for users to properly manage their assets, has made over 150 improvements and developments to its interface in the last year alone.

Furthermore, as Turkey’s leading domestic crypto asset platform, it continues to transparently convey its knowledge through numerous publications and shares on social media channels, which are followed by hundreds of thousands of people. As the biggest supporter of the role of women in blockchain, it contributes to the development of the ecosystem by sharing knowledge and experiences.

Strong support for Turkish Lira from Binance TR and leading cooperation with leading banks

Fulfilling its responsibility of being the domestic leading crypto asset platform with its strong support for the Turkish Lira, Binance TR continues to enhance the power of the Turkish Lira in the blockchain ecosystem with dozens of transaction pairs listed in the Turkish Lira over the past three years. Is kept. , In this regard, Binance TR, which has signed a pioneering and unique cooperation in this field with the leading banks of Turkey by bringing together traditional finance and the future of finance, will trade the Turkish Lira with İş Bankası, Akbank, Fibabanka, Vakıfbank, Ziraat Bankası. Makes deposits and withdrawals with and. Ultimately Sekarbank. It takes user experience to the next level by facilitating their transactions.

Binance TR makes it easier for its users to transact and access the market with over 150 improvements and developments made in the last year, while sharing its global knowledge in this field with its followers and supporting the development of the ecosystem. Contributes to. Through broadcasts and shares on Binance Live and social media channels.

Special $1500 Prize Pool for 3rd Birthday Celebration

As Binance TR celebrates its third anniversary, it also offers a special event just for Binance TR users. As part of the celebration, the 15 users who share the most creative video or photo about Binance TR on Twitter and/or Instagram will share a prize pool of $1,500.

To participate in the event, users must follow the Binance TR Twitter and/or Instagram accounts between September 5-15, reshare the announcement post on Twitter or tag two friends under the announcement post on Instagram. And take a photo or video about Binance TR. , This should be shared with the BinanceTR3Years old tag.

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