Biomutant and Desperados 3 Sent Back, Apparently

Apparently THQ Nordic has decided to postpone two important titles like Biomutant and Desperados 3, despite the absence of official communications.

Apparently THQ Nordic has decided to postpone the launch of Biomutant and Desperados 3, two of its most anticipated titles from players around the world, also because they are among the most promising.

For now there are no official communications on the matter, but according to the latest financial report of the company, Biomutant will no longer be released by 2019, as previously announced, but in the next fiscal year, ie in the period from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 Moreover it was understood that the game of Experiment 101 would not have made it go out this year, given the total absence of marketing in recent weeks, but now we have the confirmation.

The same fate for Desperados 3 of Mimimi Games also moved to the next fiscal year. In both cases the reason for the delay is the same: the games need other finishes.

Nevertheless THQ Nordic remains very active on the development front. Do you think his teams are currently working on the beauty of 86 projects, 49 of which are still unknown to the public? Among these obviously there will be remastered and niche titles, but there will certainly be space also for larger productions and unexpected returns. In short, THQ Nordic is a publisher to keep an eye on.

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