BioShock 4 with a large dose of information. A few details have leaked about the upcoming installment of the series

If there is still not enough information about the upcoming continuation of the BioShock series, you will surely be pleased that another package of details has appeared on the Internet.

BioShock 4 is a game that is still relatively little known. Earlier this year, we found out that We will wait at least a few years for the project, and a little later it was established that the title still needs a lot of timebefore we can check it on our own. Nevertheless, something has moved recently and we got it the first major information leak about what we can expect.

Now instead more news on what the creators can prepare for us has hit the web. They appeared thanks to Colin Moriarty – a journalist who shared his information with his supporters on Patreon. We can get to know them thanks to the VGC portal and we are lucky that we were given such an opportunity. They allow for the location of production to be known, in a way.

According to Moriarty, BioShock 4 will take place in the 1960s, in a fictional city in Antarctica. This is in line with what we may have read about before. Furthermore, the narrative is expected to tie in with previous BioShock games, and Cloud Chamber is aiming for a release later next year.

The project is now reportedly very closely guarded and it is difficult to get any information, because the creators are very focused on it, because they provide the most polished adventure. They know that their game will be compared to the previous series, which are now considered cult in some circles. How will it actually be? We have to wait a little longer.


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