Bitcoin, several women were harassed at the Miami conference

Despite gaining more legitimacy, the Bitcoin conference is still characterized by an atmosphere of debauchery. Journalists who attended Bitcoin 2022 described the event as a “bacchanal“With”a stag party atmosphere“. Participants are reminded, repeatedly, that they are all going to get incredibly rich, which – in a place where there are no rules – can make them feel. entitled to do whatever they want.

It is very different from a Linux developer conference“Explains Elias Moose, who runs a Web-based e-commerce company3. Moose attended Bitcoin Week for the first time this year and believes theconference atmosphere may foster inappropriate behavior. When you are told over and over that you are about to become very rich, she says, “ti feel like a king. You are on top of the world. You feel like you can have anything“. For some women, this attitude has crossed the line.

Groups for women in the sector

The demographic imbalance within the community frustrates them efforts of some groups to support women in the sector. Ladies in Bitcoin, an organization founded earlier this year, offers events and workshops to train women interested in bitcoins. Women in Blockchain and the Black Women Blockchain Council are two groups dedicated to women who deal more generally with cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year, actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Mila Kunis hosted an event for their new cryptoclub, called Bff. “We’ve seen a lot of men get together and make a lot of money – said Paltrow, according to the Washington Post -. We deserve to be a part of this environment as much as they do“.

Olayinka Odeniran, the creator of the Black Women Blockchain Council, created the group after participating in a bitcoin event in 2018. On dozens of interventions, at the event only one speaker was presentand one of the after-party conference officers was organized in a strip club. Odeniran and other women interested in bitcoin therefore decided to form a group on Telegram to support each other.

Although there are several dedicated spaces in the cryptocurrency sector today, Odeniran explains that women are still underrepresented. “I’ve been in environments where I was the only black person, or the only woman, or the only black woman “, tells. According to Odeniran, women need these environments not only to enter the industry, but also to obtain solidarity. Spaces where women are in the minority can convey a feeling of little inclusion or, even worse, insecurity.

Toxic environment

After discovering that a conference organizer had interacted with the tweets that harassed her, Siegel asked a friend to raise the issue again with an acquaintance who worked for the conference. This time, he got an answer: “I am sorry that a similar incident occurred at our event – wrote Justin Doochin, the head of events of Btc Inc, the organization that manages the Bitcoin conference -, but without this person’s name or email, we have no way of identifying you and preventing you from participating in future events“. Siegel wrote again to reiterate that during the @bitcoin_fuckboi event he had posted a series of selfies on his account, also alongside prominent personalities in the bitcoin industry, noting that he had also used the mechanical bull of the conference, which he would have. had to restrict the field to a few dozen people.

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