Bitdefender Antivirus goes on the offensive: Discounts up to

Whether it’s Mac or Windows, the basic security of the operating system is rarely enough.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus Suite is now available for just €16 for the first year instead of the usual €39.99 per year. Compared to the renewal price, this offer will save you 60% of the total price, or €24. But you will only be able to install the antivirus license on three Windows devices during the twelve month subscription of the package. With Bitdefender Total Security, on the other hand, the price is reduced by 62% and is only €31.99 for the first year instead of €84.99 per year, ie a total saving of €53. And as a bonus, here are at least five different devices you can help protect. And Macs will be compatible too.

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But that’s not all, with Bitdefender Total Security, there is protection for smartphones as well. Specifically, smartphones that run on iOS or those that run on Android. And here, the list of compatible brands is quite impressive, with manufacturers like Samsung or Xiaomi on the menu. For those who want, a large number of connected objects are also eligible from the side of the Apple Watch. Connected watches from Cupertino are among the most popular on the market, and their sales figures undoubtedly exceed those of competing brands.

Bitdefender: A leader in antivirus protection

If we appreciate discovering these drop prices on Bitdefender, it’s also because the amount of different malware that can be detected by the software is unprecedented. For example, you will be able to recognize Trojan horses that still have the ability to secretly control your computer. Of course, virus detection rates don’t always reach 100% and malware can sometimes slip through the cracks. But even then, your chances of not getting infected increase with Bitdefender. And this is something that is hardly possible without cyber security software.

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Additionally, Bitdefender was voted Product of the Year 2022 by AV-Comparatives last January. So we’re there like a solemn pledge of faith that doesn’t come to us every day. Well know that Bitdefender is a European software, as its developer is no less than a Romanian company. However, the country is known for its experience in terms of technological infrastructure. Microsoft also has offices in this country, just to name one.

Which documents are at risk?

Bitdefender and its promotional offers can help you identify many different threats, including spyware that can potentially access your most intimate personal data and photos. It is also an item of choice for pirates, who sometimes attempt to resell them to the highest bidder or blackmail them according to their finds. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence have already seen their private photos leaked to the press, and the victims already number in the thousands around the world.

Among other documents that Bitdefender Total Security can help you protect, we know that passwords are the key to many services that we all use on a regular basis. Luckily, with Bitdefender Total Security, you can take advantage of an integrated password manager that stores all of your credentials. After that all you have to do is remember the master password, which you may have taken the time to choose carefully beforehand. In short, we will understand: Bitdefender is versatile and offers a range of features for everyone.

I take advantage of the offer

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