Bitter divorce, he pees every day on his ex-wife’s grave after 48 years of separation

Bitter divorce for a couple. A man was caught doing pee on the tomb of his ex-wife from whom he had divorced 48 years earlier. The discovery was made by the horrified children of the woman. In the video, captured by a hidden camera installed by the descendants, the man is seen stopping with his SUV (with the engine still running) only to approach the tomb.

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Bitter divorce, the chilling video

The video shows the man opening his pants and desecrating the grave of his ex-wife. The recording was published on Facebook by Michael Murphy, 43, whose mother, Linda Louise Torello, lies six feet below the grave where he is urinated. She died of cancer in 2017 at the age of 66. The ex-husband may have been peeing on the grave for five years.

The feces left by the man

The children’s doubts began when they found sacks of feces on Torello’s grave. It is unclear what prompted the man to indulge in cowardly behavior, although he had previously told her daughter that he regretted meeting her.

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“It broke my heart”

Michael Murphy, the son, initially thought the feces had been left by a dog sitter, but then they realized it was intentional. “He broke my heart,” he wrote. “A man from Bergen County, New Jersey left sacks of poop and pissed on my mother’s tombstone almost every morning as a normal routine.” He is also assisted by his wife.

The evidence

“We have weeks and months of rehearsal. The police and newspapers reported this. No one in my family has had any contact with him since 1976 or thereabouts, we’re not sure how he found my mother’s grave. But this goes back to a problem almost 50 years ago. Pray for us, thank you and please share this !!! ».

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