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“A VO2 max of 96 is fantastic. It is extremely rare for a top athlete to measure over 90 ml/kg/min and the same applies to the best in any sport.” Professor Jostein Hallen of the Physical Performance Institute in Oslo explains.

Björn Daehli’s physical abilities were measured in the late 1990s when he dominated world cross-country skiing, which has always been talked about and continues to do so today.

“When this VO2 was measured at 96, I ran very long and very fast. It was measured several times and every time it was above 90.“Tells NRK the man with 29 Olympic and World medals.

During my best years, I trained a lot, over 100 hours per month from April to November. We worked really hard and sometimes I would be completely exhausted for a few days.

But it was the only recipe for winning” Added Bjorn Daehli, who has an incredible VO2 max even at age 56. ,I continue to exercise every day” concluded that he also became a formidable businessman.



“If you’re not 75 or older you have no chance of becoming a good cross-country skier. It’s extremely important.” Professor Helen explains.

Of course there are other factors that are important, so not always the one that consumes the most oxygen is the best.”

Helen also remembers Oskar Svendsen, who broke Dahley’s record. The former top cyclist was measured at an incredible 97.5 ml/kg/min in 2012.

We also know that Usain Bolt indicated in his heyday that he had a VO2 max of 90, with Tour de France multiple-winning cyclist Chris Froome reaching 88.

For comparison, a sedentary person lives to be about 20 years old.

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