Black boy strips naked in the street in Rome and is beaten by the crowd. “Go home”

A foreign boy was literally lynched by passers-by after a woman accused him of stripping naked in front of her daughter. “Negro di m … go home,” and down the barrel. It happened in the morning to One hundred cellson the outskirts of Romeprecisely in via Collatina.

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Boy lynched in via Collatina, the accusations

The foreign boy was accused of stripping naked. Some people, fearing the worst for the young man, stood between him and the passers-by who continued to throw kicks and punches. The carabinieri intervened, bringing the situation back to calm and then taking the foreign boy away.

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“Disgusting scene”

“A disgusting scene – says Giancarlo Castelli, a resident who witnessed the attack – While the boy was being beaten, no one intervenedindeed, someone has even joined the insults. Another, who arrived shortly after, without having listened to what had happened, kicked him and then left. I intervened but he was replied: Mind your business, otherwise we’ll take it out on you too. The carabinieri brought the situation back to calm and then took the foreign boy away.

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