Black Eyed Peas shows desire to collaborate on music with Mc Fióti

Mc Fióti has one of the most watched music videos in Brazil with “Bum bum tam tam”

O black Eyed Peas I’ve worked with a lot of people. Shakira, David Guetta, J Balvin, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake and even the Brazilians Anitta and Sergio Mendes. But among the artists on the trio’s radar is the creator of “Bum bum tam tam”, Mc Fioti. They tell this in an interview with g1 while listening to the funkeiro hit. “This is the time, Mc Fioti”, says taboo, one of the three members of the group. “We don’t know him, but we would love to do something with him. Absolutely,” he said.

While the partnership does not happen, they record the ninth album of their career, still without revealing much about it. So far they’ve only released “Don’t You Worry” with Guetta and Colombian singer Shakira. Mc Fioti He heard the news with great enthusiasm and has already contacted his contacts, who are talking to the manager of the gringa band to start this partnership.

“I’ve experienced many emotions in this life, but receiving this kind of praise seems like a dream,” he said. MC Fioti who is looking forward to this meeting that is already being arranged between the artists’ offices. The junction can make a very interesting song.

MC Fioti is the artist who hit 1 billion views in a single clip in Brazil, “Bum Bum Tam Tam”, which made him travel around the world presenting his show, during the pandemic his hit went viral after the Butantã Institute announced the vaccine against Covid 19. Fioti recorded a Remix announcing the action against the virus.

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