Black Friday: 5 gift ideas for those who love music to buy on offer


Until midnight today, you can take advantage of Black Friday to buy discounted products and take advantage of incredible offers. Even audiophiles will find something to their taste, as well as some ideas for making wonderful Christmas gifts for those who love music. Here are 5 gift ideas including turntables, vinyl, speakers and CDs to make friends happy with whom you share a passion for good music.

The Black Friday is a global event where everyone can find what he’s looking for: the main online store, and in particular of Amazon, are in fact active discounts and product offer in all categories. Born in the United States, Black Friday will end at midnight today, but many offers will continue until December 2, Cyber Monday.

Among the offers available on Amazon, many are dedicated to the world of music: from headphones to speakers, through CDs, vinyl and record players. Since many take advantage of Black Friday to start making Christmas gifts, here are 5 ideas for gift ideas for those who love music to buy on offer by midnight.

1. Amy Winehouse in the vinyl version

Amy Winehouse was one of the most talented and controversial artists of our time; died at the age of 27, has released only two records, which have however become real cult titles and have sold millions of copies worldwide.

On the occasion of Black Friday, it is possible to buy the vinyl of “Back to black”, his second and last album, in discount and listen to it with the turntable so as not to miss a note of the scratchy and unique voice of the English artist with an exceptional timbre.

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2. A compact Bluetooth speaker but not too much

If you have a friend who listens to music everywhere, it’s time to give him a quality Bluetooth speaker and above all resistant to water, sand and dust, which can also be used as a smartphone charger.

The compact speaker from Sony manages to combine power and small size in a device that is beautiful to look at and at an affordable price: in fact, today it is available with a 46% discount on the list price.

3. The cd Mixtape for the rap enthusiast

Machete Mixtape 4 was the record album that achieved the highest number of streams on Spotify.

Along with them, there are some guests in this album, including Lazza, Beba and tha Supreme. An excellent gift idea for the rap enthusiast friend, who has already heard this record on Spotify a thousand times, but will finally be able to add it to his collection.

4. Morricone’s music for those who love classical music

Morricone 60 is an album that brings together 23 artistic moments of the great Ennio Morricone, the Italian composer and conductor who has signed the soundtrack of films that have become cult also thanks to music.

Among the songs that can be heard on this vinyl on offer, many are taken from “Once upon a time the West”, “The good, the bad and the bad”, “New cinema Paradiso”, “For a handful of dollars “.

5. A sustainable turntable for the green audiophile

House of Marley is a company that produces various products for music lovers, but stands out from other brands on the market for a great attention to eco-sustainability: the House of Marley products are made with natural materials, as in the case of this turntable in bamboo proposed at around € 40 less than the list price.

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This model is already amplified and has USB connectivity, and allows you to record the track of vinyl even on your computer, thus converting “analogue” music into digital.




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