Black Friday: don’t get bottled up. I’ll show you how

Black Friday price history

On Black Friday, stores tempt with great promotions for the products they offer. However, it happens that prices are raised first, and on Black Friday they return to their previous state or are even higher. So let’s follow the price history of the selected product.

Discounts in Black Friday it’s something a lot of people are waiting for. In a shopping spree, however, it is easy to fall prey to fraud. And it’s not only about criminals who are waiting for our data and money, not really wanting to sell us anything. We can also be deceived by legally operating stores that want to earn more in this way, offering us a product not only not at a reduced price, but sometimes even at an increased price.

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Price history in comparison websites

So how can you protect yourself against this type of fraud? For example, price comparison websites such as Ceneo if Miser. In the case of the, you must first log in to the site, which can be done for example using Facebook or a Google account. After that, it remains for us to find the selected product, for example, a smartphone Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G. On the product page, next to its name, click the Price history button and we see a graph showing price changes over the last 6 months. We can also turn on the option of notifying us when the price reaches the ceiling we set.

Ceneo price history

In Skąpiec, it is even easier, because you do not need to log in. Just visit the site, find the product you are interested in and click the link Price historywhich can be found at the top of the page. This time we can track the price change over the course of 14 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Here, we can also use the price alert – just enter your e-mail address and enter the amount you are interested in.

Money history miser

Black Friday is sometimes Fake Friday

Another way to trace the price history of the product selected by us (in my case it is a Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G smartphone) is to use the website Fake Friday. On page we can find the price of the product in popular rtv / household stores and her history for the last 6 months, for each store separately.

Fake Friday price history

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Source of the text: own study

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