Black Friday on PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store. Games at lower prices

Traditionally, as every year, PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store celebrate Black Friday a week early. Promotions for digital games have just started in both stores. Now you can buy the biggest hits and less known titles at lower prices.

Black Friday this year falls on November 26, but this does not prevent stores from attracting customers much earlier. The PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store digital stores are based on a similar assumption. Both Sony and Microsoft are already inviting you to shop. In both stores you will find hundreds of games at lower prices. Perfect for cold weekend evenings.

Black Friday on PlayStation Store. Game promotion overview

PlayStation Store celebrates Black Friday through November 30. This year, the promotion has been divided into three sections: Great Deals, Includes PS5 version and Bestsellers. Each of them is dozens of discounted titles worth playing. At lower prices you can buy, among others Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS4 / PS5) for PLN 144.50, Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition for PLN 60.90, The Last of Us Part II for PLN 84.50, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition for PLN 39 80 PLN, Ghost of Tsushima (PS4 / PS5) for 254.25 PLN. Additionally, DARK SOULS: REMASTERED for PLN 84.50, remake of Demon’s Souls for PLN 210.18, FIFA 22 for PS4 for PLN 179.94 and FIFA 22 for PS5 for PLN 244.93, DEATHLOOP for PLN 144.50, Resident Evil Village (PS4 / PS5) for PLN 124.27 and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (PS4 / PS5) for PLN 164.50. The full list of games included in the Black Friday promotion can be found on the PlayStation Store website.

Black Friday at the Microsoft Store. Game promotion overview

The Black Friday promotion in the Microsoft Store will last until December 2. During its duration you will buy, among others Far Cry 6 for PLN 202.99, Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy for PLN 188.49, Halo: Master Chief collection (also available as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription) for PLN 74.50, Yakuza: Like a Dragon (also available as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription), Xbox Game Pass subscription) for PLN 129.99, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition for PLN 39.99, or Control Ultimate Edition for PLN 50.99. The full list of games covered by the promotion can be found on the Microsoft Store website. By the way, it is worth reminding about the promotion for the Xbox Game Pass subscription for PC. For PLN 4 you can get 3 months of access to a rich catalog of games.

However, it is worth taking advantage of the additional offer. Having Xbox Game Pass for a computer and exchanging it for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for an additional PLN 4, you will receive a total of 4 months of the highest Game Pass subscription. And this one, in addition to accessing PC and console games, allows you to play in the cloud on mobile devices. Now you will also benefit from playing in the Xbox cloud on the Xbox One and Series X | S consoles.

Have you found something for yourself? There is a lot to choose from and many games are being asked to buy. I will, however, abstain. My catalog of overdue games is currently large. Adding more items to it will make me not want to play any of them. I will give them a chance on the occasion of the next promotion – who knows, maybe they will be even cheaper, and I will catch up.

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