Black Friday. Poles will spend an average of PLN 735 on shopping

2021-11-24 12:45

2021-11-24 12:45

Poles want to spend PLN 735 on Black Friday
Poles want to spend PLN 735 on Black Friday
photo: Emilio Naranjo / / EFE

Black Week is on, which is a week of sales in stationary and online stores. Nearly half of buyers see unfair price manipulations products before the Black Friday sale begins. About one third of Poles want to take part in the shopping celebration. Average participant will spend about PLN 735, according to a Picodi study.

About 48 percent. of respondents see unfair price manipulations before the start of the sale, 43 percent. believe that products on sale are uninteresting or lingering, and 38 percent. of respondents say Black Friday discounts are not different from other sales, according to a Picodi study.

On average, Poles will spend around PLN 735 on Black Friday purchases, according to a study by Picodi. The willingness to participate in the Black Friday sales was declared by 31 percent. respondents. On the other hand, 33 percent. of respondents indicated that they would “not participate” in Black Friday. More than a third of people do not know whether they will buy products during the annual shopping holiday.


A slight decrease in interest in Black Friday promotions could already be observed in 2019, according to data from Google Trends. On the other hand, a significant reduction in searches was visible in 2020 – by 37%. In turn, the peak fell in 2018.


Last year, 40 percent took part in Black Friday. of respondents participating in the Picodi study. The rest did not take advantage of the Black Friday promotion. Among the reasons that influenced it, the respondents indicated that:

  • they didn’t need anything (29 percent),
  • the discounts were unattractive (20 percent),
  • there were no interesting products on promotion (17%),
  • wanted to avoid human clusters (14%),
  • were in an uncertain financial situation (12 percent),
  • they forgot (8 percent).

During Black Friday, the sectors selling clothing and footwear are the most popular (69%). Buyers also eagerly reach for RTV and household appliances (54%). Sports accessories (39%) are the third category of products that enjoys the greatest attention on Black Friday.




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