Black Mirror Season 6: Black Mirror is terrifying

we had gone black Mirror In June 2019. Remember, it was another time, when we were afraid to look inside black Mirror Did ” Modern illustrations on the topic of progress in social networks, new technologies and artificial intelligence“. That was the schedule announced by Charlie Brooker, the talented showrunner of the British anthology series. Since the coronavirus pandemic has passed, it’s starting to feel like a real episode Live Of black Mirror, which everyone has gone through in some way or the other, with their share of disappearances, depression, and questioning. To Be Perfectly Honest, Season 5 black Mirror Half Figs Half Raisins was fairly disappointing with the episode (a virtual bromance, a soft critique of social networks, a satire of the pop song world); We sensed a certain Charlie Brooker fatigue for writing on the excess of technology and so we are legitimately worried about the future of the British anthology series airing on Netflix. since the pandemic, black Mirror Was it out of date? Had the world already gotten much scarier than in this dystopian series? Charlie Brooker more or less felt it, going into pause mode and expressing loudly in 2020 that he didn’t know if people would be able to digest another season of Black Mirror. It’s been four years. June 15, 2023, Season 6 black Mirror Given its five new episodes and the addition of one episode, it’s an absolute success, certainly the series’ best season since Season 3 or 4, where Charlie Brooker perfected the judicious cropping: fewer stars (no Jon Hamm or Miley Cyrus not starring, as well as Jodie Foster directing), diversity bonus (three out of five episodes feature Indian or black actors), fewer episodes (five instead of six for seasons 3 and 4, if we exclude season 5) give, and its 3 episodes are synonymous with hollow inspiration) and references to the lowest technology which, in any case, represent only one theme – and not the main one, even if one of the most striking – of black Mirror. As Charlie Brooker says, “Black Mirror, when it’s not a tech satire, it’s a media satire”, It has really become a caricature of our world.

In Episode 1, zone is awesomeAn ordinary woman discovers that a streaming service has adapted her life to make it a series for its billions of subscribers. loch henry (Episode 2) shows some documentarians who decide to change the subject of the film and dedicate themselves to the life of serial killers without risk and risk. my heart for life (Episode 3) features an alternate retelling of the year 1969 where the astronauts are faced with a tragedy on Earth. mazzi day (Episode 4) questions the paparazzi’s open hunt for certain movie stars. Finally, demon 79 (Episode 5) focuses on a serial killer in spite of himself, suffering from demonic possession and struggling against racism in late 70s England.

black mirror season 6 So now the focus can no longer be on technology and inventions, but on the media and subjects that surround us: platforms, serial killers, social networks.

With this sixth season, Charlie Brooker makes a significant change to recall the originals black Mirror. The technology, present in Episodes 1 (improvised digital filming of the series) and 3 (replicas of the astronauts that allow them to spend a moment on Earth), represents only one aspect of the series. Black Mirror is as much, if not more, a series about social and media criticism of our world than it is about its technological excesses. In doing so, Brooker actually refocuses its message, satirizing Netflix, carrying its broadcaster’s sight and sound logo all the way through, Streamberry, a distribution platform. zone is awesome, We can only laugh out loud when we hear the famous “tadam” that introduces the stage shows. Brooker takes aim and hits it by creating this program mimicking the actions of a viewer, a mockumentary novel imitating reality TV, a genius idea that would suck the life out of the heroine in a downward spiral process that would lead to memorable episodes. does not give, free fall, with Bryce Dallas Howard. ditto when he goes into parody loch henry Documentaries or series inspired by the lives of serial killers interrogate us about our unhealthy fascination with this type of phenomenon.

Episode 3, the longest of the season with the last, my heart for life, the massacre of the Polanski villa in 1969 by Charlie Manson’s sect is revisited by applying it to an astronaut who was on duty in space, the representative for a replicant, thanks to a connection, cares to visit his family. Like seasons 3 and 4, this is one of the most passionate and melodramatic episodes, stimulating san junipero Or dj hang, Charlie Brooker shows a sensitivity that he often hides in his other stories where he relies more on irony or satirical cynicism. Played by the excellent Aaron Paul in a dual role, the episode takes its time, allowing genuine emotion to build up, reaching an absolutely unexpected ending.

After such a height of fantasy, Episode 4 appears to be the only real weak point of the season, carrying a trivial tale of lycanthropy that would not have been out of place in an episode. x files, Of course, the topic of photographers destroying the lives of stars is not devoid of interest, but exists for paparazzi the late Jacques Rozier or private life by Louis Malle. We might also regret that the episode didn’t follow up on the photographer’s promising perspective on the scandalous behavior of his colleagues.

Luckily, Season 6 ends with a joyous fireworks display, demon 79Retro episode of the season, where Charlie Brooker gleefully mixes disparate references: the life of Herbert Mullin, from the horror of surviving the apocalypse to his murders infused, knock cabin by Shyamalan, life is beautiful by Frank Capra (with the character of the demon Gap, opposite the angel Clarence), Taxi driver by Scorsese and dead zone by David Cronenberg (Nida modest shoe saleswoman rising to the level of savior of humanity, confronting a hypocritical politician who is falsely conservative but actually racist). With symptomatic music from the late 70s signed by Boney M., all these references blend wonderfully into a devastating humor.Rasputin, my baker), Madness (one step beyond) or Lene Lovich (lucky number, This season finale episode recalls in its abundance of ideas few other patchwork episodes. snow White Or black museum, with the difference that he is inspired by this anti-caste message, which is in the backdrop of the murders committed by Nida. This episode treats the already decidedly pregnant subject of serial-killers in a different, more documentary way. loch henry or more nightmares, in my heart for life ,

black mirror season 6 So now the focus can no longer be on technology and inventions, but on the media and subjects that surround us: platforms, serial killers, social networks. Technological invention (digital double, replica) takes second place behind the psychological consequences of the obsession that consumes our mind. As Charlie Brooker says, ” I always thought to myself that the show doesn’t state that technology is bad, the show states that people are bad, , black Mirror Terrible but it’s only a mirror, it’s a truly terrifying world.

CREATEUR : Charlie Brooker 
NATIONALITÉ :  britannique
GENRE : fiction dystopique 
AVEC : Salma Hayek, Annie Murphy, Michael Cera, Daniel Portman, Aaron Paul, Josh Harnett, Kate Mara 
DURÉE : 6 épisodes entre 53 mn et 1h15 
SORTIE LE 15 juin 2023 

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