Black Ops 4: PS4, Xbox One, And PC Update Patch Notes For (January) This Month.


Being a big fan of Call Of Duty: Black Ops series is a worth to play. In the last past year’s Call Of Duty impressed the gamers with their Black Ops series. Black Ops is a series launched in 2003. As a gamer, I would like to thanks  Treyarch, Raven Software, Benoxx to introduce us with such type of series which gamers definitely wants to have in his / her life.

Now let’s talk about the latest and fabulous Black Ops 4 released in last year on 12th October 2018. Black Ops 4 is a Multiplayer gaming portal famous for its deadly combos and weapons with amazing graphics experience. As a gamer, I must say graphics is an important thing, to have good graphics makes the gamer have a wonderful experience while playing. Graphics attracts the gamers towards the game.

Starting, the First month of the year with Black Ops series (Balck Ops 4) is like a dream come true. Now let’s talk about the January Update Patch Note, version and a lot more. Treyarch Studios has disclosed Black Ops 4 January 8 update patch notes. They are ready to make fun with a new Black Ops 4 version 1.11 out next week.

Black Ops 4 update is a server-side that must require to download before trying the multiplayer mode. There are some tiny changes and bugfixes nothing more in this update.



Dead of the night
  • Prevention of gravestone marker during the main quest form appearing.
  • The stake Knife Quest progression is to prevent.


  • Better stability at the time of multiple sentries is active.
  • Zombies and Blackout with Mastery Camos.
  • Zombies have next updated features.
  • Blackout on Consoles with Improved Looting.
  • League Play in ranked multiplayer.

In plus to this Treyarch Studios has always ahead to share some following updates and programs for the upcoming series of Black Ops (Black Ops 4) version 1.11 update is due out the upcoming week.


Featured Playlist

  • Higher Score limit 6v6.
  • Plus of Endurance Chaos Moshpit as Featured Playlist.
  • Command on 200 scores round limit,400 scores match limit.
  • Hardpoint with 500 Scores limit,10 minutes time limit.


  • Better firing rockets particularly at that time.
  • Better Torque’s Barricade and its effect on the enemy players.

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