Black sneakers 2023: the best models to buy and how to wear them

Black sneakers allow you to create numerous looks, going from streetwear to casual elegance

Even if you’re not a sneakerhead, we’re sure you have some models you’ve collected: the base is made up of neutral-colored models, where white will most likely stand out among red flames, embroidered logos and fluorescent nets. Many do not take black sneakers into consideration which, in reality, are the real style investment that can be made. Like a little black dressthese trainers offer many combination possibilities: they represent the comfort zone of everyday life, that simple and effective choice that goes well with everything.

Over the past few weeks, celebrities like Dakota Johnson and Kendall Jenner have been spotted sporting black Adidas Samba sneakers paired with matching black midi skirts and jeans (open a new tab). The elegant silhouette, available in black and white, has since sold out practically, proving that even fashionistas are opting for something other than high heels and chunky loafers.

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In the hearts of the models there are always the Converse All Star sneakers in black canvas with a contrasting white sole: if the basic model is a must even outside international fashion weeks, the limited editions are really interesting variations on the theme that see the patch and the sole in new creative interpretations.

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

In fact, there is a community that is particularly fond of sports shoes, so much so that it does not abandon them even on the most formal occasions: more and more often on the red carpet or to celebrate marriage, people opt for trainers shoes, worn with couture dresses and texedo suits. However, you have to juggle the vastness of the products found in physical or virtual stores, evaluating silhouettes, details and colors.

However, after years of speeches and street style looks that celebrated that completely candid skin, the time has come to re-evaluate black sneakers, certainly taking into consideration the considerable aesthetic and functional advantages. Let’s discover them together, because black is always a valid alternative regardless of the model: from the more chunky line to the tapered ones, passing through models up to the ankle.

  • The spots do not see you at a glance, as happens in white sneakers, thus becoming allies of those who are distracted. Mud, rain with sand, dust and even scuff lines are less visible.
  • They are not only worn with black, thus becoming an element of detachment.
  • They are versatile for different occasions of use, always a valid alternative to ankle boots.
  • Like a little black dressare the most sneakers elegant that you can wear.

Having read these considerations and notions of styling, it is clear why these sneakers know no limits, not even in terms of age.

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The best black sneakers to buy now

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