Black Widow: For Scarlett Johansson Will Give a Sense of Closure to the Story of Natasha

Intercepted on Jojo Rabbit’s red carpet, the Toronto- directed film directed by Taika Waititi, which sees her in the main cast, Scarlett Johansson was able to talk briefly about her upcoming Marvel movie coming to the theaters: Black Widow.

Briefly hinting at the stand-alone Marvel movie, the journalist pressed the actress and asked her if this would be a sort of final for the character of Natasha Romanoff and therefore a worthy closure for the fans: ” Closing. I really hope so. I don’t know if “I could go on without closure. I mean, it was really tiring. I love it and I’m proud of what we’ve done. Now we just have to fill it with magic .”

As we know, the character died definitively in Avengers: Endgame yet Johansson defined the film as a new “standalone franchise”, a label that would indicate future new chapters of the solo version of the Black Widow. Reporting the news, Kyle Buchanan of the New York Times. Probably, at the end of this Black Widow, Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova collects the legacy of Natasha becoming the new Black Widow, whose solo adventures will be told in this “standalone franchise”. At that point, a hypothetical Black Widow 2 would be quite fitting, since it would literally tell the story of the Black Widow number 2.

We recall that Black Widow will be the first Marvel Studios film produced by an MCU actor (Johansson, in fact, who will be executive producer with Kevin Feige as producer), and also the first to be entirely directed by a woman, Cate Shortland. It will be released on May 2020 and will open Phase 4 of the MCU.

Meanwhile, Johansson wants to convince the Marvel Studios executives to produce a film with a (super) all-female group in the middle.

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