‘Black widow’: Scarlett Johansson “filtered” images of the film


Scarlett Johansson has been cast in the movie set of ‘Black Widow’ for “filter” information of the film. Johansson picked up his mobile phone and began to record everything that was happening, as scenes that we were filming, as well as an actor who would appear in the film, and the fans were unaware of. Or rather, would have recorded it all, if you had pointed the camera in the right direction.

With this joke, the protagonist of ‘Black Widow’ has announced that it had teamed up with Omaze to find a fan who attends with her at the world premiere of the film. In the web page, Omaze.com/scarlett, in particular the award, which consists of: attend with a companion to Los Angeles at the world premiere of the film Marvel, come to the after-party with the very same Scarlett Johansson, with which you will be able to take the occasional drink (if you’re of age), and have flights and a hotel of 4 stars… absolutely free!

The benefits obtained by the entries in the contest will be donated to create more solar panels and to fight in favor of renewable energy.

A great superheroine

  'Black Widow'

Johansson is increasingly achieving recognition for their workand in the last edition of the Oscars managed to be nominated twice: in the category of Best Actress thanks to her performance in ‘Story of a marriage’ and the Best supporting Actress for ‘Jojo Rabbit’. In addition to these movies, throughout these past two years we have also seen in ‘Avengers: Endgame’. His next appearance will be in ‘Black Widow’, which hit theaters in Spain on 30 April 2020.



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