Black Widow: There is no interesting cameo in the movie

When we first heard about the timing of the movie Black Widow, there was an immediate storm of discussion among Marvel fans. Embedding the events of this production even before Avengers: Infinity War made the last comeback not only of Iron Man but also of Captain America real.

This topic was covered with dust when Black Widow withit has been postponed by more than a year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The fans’ patience was rewarded, however, and yesterday the official Polish premiere of this long-awaited hit took place. Unfortunately, we will not see any interesting cameo during the screening. It turns out that there is a reason for this …

Director Black Widow, Cate Shortland, gave an interview to the service GamesRadar, in which she revealed that at one time there was a plan to introduce a great cameo in the script. Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) or even Chris Evans (Captain America) could actually appear in the production. However, it seems that the final decision on this point was left to MCU chief Kevin Feige.

“We really thought about introducing the other heroes. But we decided otherwise, and the final sentence was up to Kevin, who said ‘she doesn’t need any guys’ support. We didn’t want her to need help. We knew she would be fine on her own. she did” – revealed the director.

So it looks like a movie Black Widow was supposed to be a manifestation of the strength of the female protagonists. Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh did a great job. Unfortunately, apart from their acting efforts, the script of this project itself does not look very fruitful. This is why in our review we gave this Marvel movie a mere 6/10. Who knows, maybe a cameo of Iron Man or Captain America would affect the final reception of the whole movie? Or maybe their return would spoil the impressions of the spectacular action in which the two brave sisters were at the heart? We’ll never know that.

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