BlackBerry is dying. The last act of the drama of the iconic smartphone brand is on Tuesday

In the early 2000s, almost every businessman wanted a BlackBerry. Today, almost nobody has it. The symbol of the modern entrepreneur is forgotten. And tomorrow, the once-iconic brand of smartphones will be finally buried.

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BlackBerry disables key services on their smartphones

The Canadian company BlackBerry withdrew from the phone industry, but continued to support its devices. It was possible to use them without any problems, although in the era of smartphones with a touchscreen, their usefulness was debatable. BlackBerry, moreover, left the glove earlier, because it released the last version of its system in 2013, then it only tried to release Android devices.

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Now, however, lovers of these, after all, smartphones who stayed with the brand will have to put the devices back on the shelves. BlackBerry on January 4 completely disables the operation of basic functions in BlackBerry OS. From Tuesday, it will not be possible to call anywhere from the phones, and it will not be possible to send a text message or even call the emergency number. Using the BB application will also be impossible. In a word, BlackBerrys will go brick mode, as broken smartphones are often called.

BlackBerry did not survive the smartphone revolution

Writing back to e-mail on a digital keyboard, even with a T9 dictionary, could be tedious. BlackBerry offered a full QWERTY keyboard, which allowed for greater mobility. BB revolutionized the market in this way, but it was unable to adapt to the next change, although it stuck bravely for a few more years. In 2007, the first iPhone was presented, and Android touch devices soon followed. Initially, however, they could not compete with BlackBerry, which has been perfecting its equipment for a decade.

BlackBerry reached its peak in 2012, when 80 million people used it. Only a few years later, the company did not use telephones. Manufacturers of touchscreen smartphones then managed to take their devices to the next level, which bury BB.

Currently, as BlackBerry Limited, the company only deals with the operating system for cars, incl. Toyota, Audi and Honda. She also licenses her inventions and recently sold 90 patents to Huaewei.

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