Blackout in Poland? Poles buy power generators

Blackouts, or blackouts, have recently become a less and less distant topic. All because of rising electricity prices and limited gas availability. Although no one in Poland is officially talking about it, we have already started getting ready for it.

Blackout has become a high-profile topic in Europe through the actions of Austria. The local government has prepared a special spot where it presents the family in a situation where the house has run out of electricity. A fully prepared group of people can handle this situation without much stress. Klaudia Tanner, Austria’s defense minister, is convinced that the blackout will occur in 2022-2025.

The situation is similar in Germany, where citizens were also warned against power cuts. And if something is happening abroad, it is easy to transfer moods to Poland. As we read in Gazeta Wyborcza, despite the silence on the part of the government, Poles began to prepare for potential difficulties. Power generators are disappearing from stores.

Possible power outages.  Governments warn

Possible power outages. Governments warn

– We note an increased number of inquiries and orders. Buyers actually motivate purchases with fear of a possible blackout, but also with the tense geopolitical situation and the situation on the energy market – informs Jarosław Pertkiewicz from

Similar voices come from the Leroy Merlin network. It is worth emphasizing, however, that it is not only the fear of power outages. At this time of the year, any power outages are much more severe than in summer, for example due to problems with the heating system. Krzysztof Szumacher from the popular DIY store chain also notes that this is the time when investors want to “close” construction sites before winter, for which, of course, electricity is needed.

How much does a generator cost?

As Wyborcza writes, the cost of the aggregate that will supply a single-family house with an area of ​​120-250 square meters may vary between PLN 4 and 15 thousand. It depends, of course, on the energy demand and the type of devices used. If a single-phase generator is enough for us, it will be cheaper. A powerful three-phase generator is already more expensive, and such equipment may often be needed to start an electric heating, for example a three-phase heat pump.

It is worth noting that currently the risk of blackouts in Poland is low. Those countries whose energy industry is based on imported gas are more at risk. Although, as Grzegorz Onichimowski from the Civic Institute admits, this problem may also affect us in the next few years.

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