Blackout. The Green Deal. Fit for 55. Maxi-blackout in Berlin

According to preliminary estimates, the problem was to affect 370,000. households, but in the end it turned out that about 90,000 users were cut off. Once again, the topic, which was reported by few journalists, returned to the media. It is a very dangerous phenomenon called blackouts, i.e. long-term failures of power networks. German experts already warned about the consequences of interruptions in electricity supplies in the country a few months ago. “The impact analyzes have shown that, in the event of a power cut, after only a few days the supply of basic goods and services to the population cannot be guaranteed. Public safety is at risk, the constitutional obligation to protect the life and health of citizens can no longer be fulfilled by the state, ”reads the announcement of the Technology Assessment Office in the German Bundestag.

After the recent incidents in Germany, we cannot ignore the prospect of similar problems elsewhere in Europe. Back of Ameria analysts have attempted to answer the question of what is the cause of this phenomenon. According to them, blackouts are associated with the intensive process of rebuilding economies damaged by pandemic lockdowns. The higher demand for energy resources therefore causes overloads in the supply networks. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the game played by the Russian Gazprom, which is trying to enforce the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline through blackmail, and thus – the EU’s dependence on gas supplies.

As a result of the actions of our eastern neighbor, gas prices in Germany increased by 54%, and for electricity by 24%. Great Britain and France also experienced negative effects. According to the calculations of the Bank of America, on average, a German household in 2020 spent EUR 1,526 on gas and electricity, while at the end of 2022 the aforementioned costs will increase to EUR 2,094. Most importantly, we are talking about a trend that does not have to stop at all. Undoubtedly, we must also mention the latest reports of experts from Bank Pekao SA, who forecast that the implementation of the EU package “Fit fot 55” in Poland by 2030 will cost our country as much as PLN 2.4 trillion. The ideological project envisages a radical increase in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by imposing additional fees, and in fact taxes.

Green inflation and Putin’s imperialist aspirations

We are also dealing with the so-called green inflation, which in Germany is characterized by increasing difficulties in the production of wind turbines, car batteries with built-in solar panels and other energy transformation devices. The increase in prices of green energy products calls into question the profitability of investing in this type of green technology. Since Germany is struggling with such a large crisis, it is all the more surprising that the German Minister of the Environment Steffi Lemke is against the European Commission on including the nuclear power plant in the so-called taxonomy that would enable bank financing. The answer can be found in unofficial reports, according to which Germany has abandoned this topic in favor of developing cooperation with Russia as part of the Nord Stream II gas pipeline. Poland and France are two countries willing to build nuclear power plants, which means that it is not in their interest to support German aspirations. However, before our country could start such an undertaking, it is necessary to urgently deal with the defense of domestic coal mines against ideological attacks from Brussels. Upholding the energy sovereignty and not succumbing to the blackmail of the EU decision-makers in the matter of Turów should be our priority.

The echoes of the recent interview given by the former Polish ambassador to the Czech Republic continue. In a commentary for the German Deutsche Welle, Mirosław Jasiński accused the Polish government of poor management, thus supporting the other side of the dispute. It was an act detrimental to the Polish raison d’état, which could not end in anything other than the resignation of the diplomat. In all this situation, one cannot forget about the geopolitical aspect of the energy crisis, which should be included in the tools of a new type of war. We see how Russia is using Nord Stream 2, threatening to turn off the tap with a raw material that could paralyze Europe.

Talks between Washington and Moscow are still ongoing, which does not end speculations about the security of Ukraine, especially its industrial part, which is located close to the Russian border. Recently, the eyes of the world have also turned to Kazakhstan, where Putin pursues his economic interests. It is a country rich in oil and rare deposits, such as uranium, and, in addition, important from the point of view of the route of the Silk Road. The protests there are an example of a color revolution – most citizens are deeply dissatisfied with their dependence on Russia, which seeks to regain influence in the region from the time of the USSR. We should closely observe this conflict in the context of Poland’s security, because if Russia is able to interfere in Kazakhstan, our country may well turn out to be one of the next goals.

Robert Zawadzki is a journalist of Telewizja Trwam. The article expresses the views of the author and does not have to be the same as the editorial position.

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