Blackpink becomes YouTube’s most followed music channel with 75 million subscribers Rolling Stone

Korean girl group Blackpink has surpassed Justin Bieber and has the most popular music channel on the platform

blackpink are the owners of the most followed music channel on YouTube after conquering 75 million subscribers this Tuesday, 28. The Korean girl group already had that title since last year, when it surpassed the Canadian singer Justin bieber.

At the time, the quartet had 65.6 million while Bieber had half a million subscribers. Currently, the singer accumulates 69.3 million. Nonetheless, blackpink is the first musical artist to reach this number of subscribers, according to the billboard.

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Formed by Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and JisooO blackpink has become one of the main names in the music industry and in the pop genre – and the presence of the artists is increasingly being felt on social networks and digital platforms.

Jisoo comments on upcoming challenges: ‘I want to face it boldly’

Jisoo, one of the group members blackpinkgave an interview to Dazed Koreavia pop lineto talk about the upcoming plans, in addition to celebrating the new age (the artist’s birthday was on January 3) and the arrival of the year 2022.

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“As always, I want to face new challenges boldly, without fear. […] Things don’t always go well, but I’ll still do my best without regrets,” commented the artist, adding that she seeks to look more at herself: “I want to become a better person by continuing to look at myself.”

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