BLACKSTAGE: Kardashian/Jenner”s beauty affaire –

BLACKSTAGE: Kardashian/Jenner''s beauty affaire
A photo of Kim Kardashian for its line KKW Beauty

The plot is worthy of a reality show, but on the other hand, the family The Kardashian/Jenner she is used to cameras and the surrounding area. The point of departure, the summer of 2018, when Kylie Jennerthe younger sister of Kim Kardashian West and the youngest child of Kris Jennerenthroned on the cover of Forbes entering in the ranking of the richest women in America: less than 21 years old is the youngest billionaire self-made of the history of the Usa, thanks to its Kylie cosmetics, a company active in the market of beauty that has allowed her to create a personal fortune amounting to a billion dollars. After that cover the cosmetic products of Jenner continue their run, soon becoming a cult especially among the girls of generation alpha. A success that leads the group Coty to put the eyes on a business definitely interesting. So much so that last November, the giant beauty has found 51% of Kylie cosmetics, valuing the entire company at about 1.2 billion dollars and pouring it into the pockets of the Jenner approximately $ 600 million (see MFF November 18, 2019). From that moment, the spotlights turn to the accounts of the company and the numbers are starting to not return from revenue, that it is whispered to have been inflated.

The twist comes in the last few days when Forbes clears the impreditrce/influencers from its list of millionaire moguls. The reaction of the Jenner does not wait and it is entrusted to Twitter and the surrounding area. To complicate the affair, a surprise: the departure of the ceo of Kylie cosmetics and Kylie skin, Christoph Honnefelderappointed by the american group last January, the manager was promptly replaced by Simona Cattaneo, chief marketing officer of the division Coty luxury). Mouths sewn by Coty, which, however, has set its eyes on another leading figure of the clan Kardashian/Jenner. That is, at the same Kim Kardashian West. The group has in fact announced to be in talks with the Kkw Beauty for a collaboration by the details are still top secret. Hoping not to have surprises like what happened with the little Kylie. (reproduction reserved)

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