Blake Lively’s quirky “grandma’s tapestry” manicure is surprisingly chic

Blake Lively and the “grandma’s tapestry” manicure

While in autumn, manicures in seasonal shades are usually preferred foncesuch as dark reds, burgundies and berry purples, the best nail artists draw inspiration not only from naturebut also from art, music, fashion and architecture.

The American actress Blake Lively, on the other hand, surprisingly, draws her personal inspiration from the manicure wallpaper.


Nails are inspired by 70’s floral wallpaper

On his Instagram Stories, Blake Lively showed his almond nails with a color floral nail art mustard, with brown, pink and green petals, which the actress herself has defined as “grandmother’s old wallpaper”. Work of the nail stylist Elle Gersteinthe new manicure – which we could also call “granny nails”, with a touch of effortless chic contemporary – reminiscent of old wallpaper brocade effect from the 70s.

In the post, Lively tagged House of Hackneya British interiors, fashion and lifestyle brand known for its patterns, which would suggest that the couple were inspired by their wallpapers. There are a myriad of different styles on the House of Hackney website, and Lively’s nails probably match the wallpaper Aurora in Chartreusewhich pays homage to oriental chinoiserie and has a similar color palette.

So next time you have to choose a manicure, why not try thinking outside the box too?

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