Blanca Paloma’s emotional and encouraging message to her followers after her time at Eurovision

A week after the grand finale of Eurovision 2023, the emotional hangover continues.

Despite the fact that Spain was one of the favorite candidates to win the Crystal Microphone, white dove finished the competition in rank 17 with him EAEASomething incomprehensible to many experts but, above all, to his followers.

The woman from Elche has received a huge wave of messages of support and praise and on this occasion, she wanted to be in charge an encouraging and uplifting message For those youths who are still little disappointed after the result.

“There are many of you who are writing me to encourage me. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, but this message is meant to encourage you,” the representative of Spain continued his valuable message. Wrote on his Twitter profile.

,Courage to those who were upbeat and believed in possible victory, Happy those of you who bet on such an offer of ours and keep it in value. courage to the brave who have defended EAEA As a quality candidate”, began Blanca Paloma.

The artist continues to reveal what the festival is all about for him:

“I am very proud of the performance we put in at the Grand Final. The tenacity of the entire team that made this possible is undeniable and I think we should not obsess over finding the formula to win because, in my opinion, Eurovision should be a place where we value each country’s freedom of expressionJust as in a museum where artists such as Picasso, da Vinci or Delacroix are found, it is understood that all these genres are necessary to tell the story of society”.

To conclude, she has once again thanked her youth, who have supported her tooth and nail: “I don’t end now. These words serve as a creative finale to the Eurovision stage which has been incredible, has been immaterial, and I’m not saying goodbye because we’re moving on. Thank you so much for all of your love.”

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