Blanka Lipińska came out. “I am bi”

After publishing the erotic novel “365 dni”, Blanka Lipińska became one of the most popular celebrities in Poland. She is a regular contributor to social media, and her relationship on Instagram does not lack reports from her everyday life. Her relationship with Aleksander Milwiw-Baron was widely commented on, with whom she remains in warm relations even after her separation. She recently organized a series of questions and answers, and one of her confessions caused a special sensation among fans. Blanka Lipińska revealed that she is bisexual.

The author of the books answered the question of whether she had changed her orientation. Blanka Lipińska wrote back briefly but succinctly:

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Blanka Lipińska on Instagram

Blanka Lipińska is bisexual

Blanka Lipińska has already revealed in the past that she has had a bisexual episode behind her, but it was only the latest confession that got wide coverage on the web. Let us recall that in 2019 she gave an extensive interview “Vivie!”, In which she was asked, inter alia, about whether she is bisexual. She replied:

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She continued the topic of her bisexuality, noting that many women kiss their lips, for example, to greet them and that “they do not offend anyone when women are sitting in a bar and hugging one another”, because “it’s natural”. Describing her sexual contact with a woman, she revealed:

“But I found out one thing. Just as a woman touches another woman, no man will touch her. For example, I don’t like being petted, though it’s absurd – it hurts me. And she was stroking my hand, and that was cool. (…) A bit like that, [uwiodła mnie – red.], the initiative was hers. I just gave up on it “- she added.

Ending the topic of her bisexuality, Blanka Lipińska said:

Blanka Lipińska is not the first public figure to speak openly about her bisexuality. We remind you which stars publicly spoke about their orientation.

You can find the rest of the article under the video:

These celebrities are bisexual

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