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from Gian Guido Vecchi

The interview of the general rapporteur of the Synod toRoman Observer and the open discussion in view of the Synod that will meet in 2023 and 2024: The Kingdom of God is not an exclusive club. But I don’t think there is room for a sacramental marriage

VATICAN CITT And the blessing of homosexual couples invoked by the Belgian bishops of Flanders? If we stick to the etymology of “good — to say”, do you think that God can ever “say — bad” about two people who love each other? Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, in an interview with‘Osservatore Romanoresponds with a question that does not close the question and indeed leaves the discussion open in view of the next Synod, which will meet in two stages in October 2023 and 2024 and of which the Luxembourg cardinal himself, president of the European bishops and a Jesuit like Francis, will be the general relator. Even if he says that frankly, the question does not seem decisive to me and adds: I would be more interested in discussing other aspects of the problem. For example: what determines the glaring growth of homosexual orientation in society? Or because the percentage of homosexuals in ecclesial institutions is higher than in civil society. It was the Flemish bishops, last month, who published a liturgy to bless gay couples, as a sort of maneuver to move closer to the Synod convened by the Pope for the Church to reflect on itself and find new ways to speak to the world. The possibility of blessing gay couples, such as the revision of compulsory priestly celibacy, which Hollerich himself had opened in January (Let’s ask frankly if a priest must necessarily be celibate. I have a very high opinion of celibacy, but indispensable?) , a debated issue especially in Europe, e already in Germany several priests and some bishops have blessed homosexual couples. Just as a response to the German Synod, the responsum negative of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: the Vatican’s no did not exclude blessings to individuals but denied a blessing similar to that of marriage as a sacrament between man and woman. Thus Flemish bishops had taken this into account and specified that in their liturgy for blessings the difference with what the Church means by sacramental marriage must remain clear.

We will discuss it. In general, Cardinal Hollerich considers: I want to be clear: I don’t think there is room for sacramental same-sex marriage, because there is no procreative end that characterizes it, but this does not mean that their emotional relationship has no value. And he adds, on the thread of Francis’s openings during his pontificate, that no one is excluded from the Church: The Kingdom of God is not an exclusive club. It opens its doors to everyone, without discrimination. Even the divorced and remarried, even homosexuals, all of them. To everyone!. At the Synod, if nothing else, we will talk about a different attitude on the subject of sexual morality: Many of our brothers and sisters tell us that, whatever the origin and cause of their sexual orientation, they certainly didn’t choose it. They are not “bad apples”. They are also the fruit of creation, says the Luxembourg cardinal. And she says: A few weeks ago I met a twenty-year-old girl who told me “I want to leave the Church, because it does not welcome homosexual couples”, I asked her “do you feel discriminated against because you are homosexual?”, And she “No, no! I’m not a lesbian, but my closest friend is. I know of her suffering, and I do not intend to be part of those who judge her ”. This made me think a lot.

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