Blinken’s ultimatum: In the event of Russian aggression against Ukraine, Nord Stream 2 will not be launched | News from the world

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Will we be facing an attack by Russia on Ukraine? Kwaśniewski: The situation with Ukraine is difficult

Russia’s actions were the main topic of a conversation between the chiefs of US and German diplomacy who met in Washington.

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The US sets an ultimatum

During a joint press conference with the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antony Blinken stated that the close partnership between Berlin and Washington would continue in all spheres. The head of American diplomacy emphasized that both the USA and Germany perceived Russia’s actions as a threat to stability and peace in Europe.

– We condemn the gathering of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine, Moscow’s rhetoric and the Kremlin’s claims that it is Ukraine that wants to provoke a conflict with Russia, said Blinken, adding that the Kremlin’s actions are not only a threat to Ukraine, but also to the norms of international law. The American secretary of state found that Moscow’s attempt to define the sphere of influence in Europe was unacceptable. Blinken and Baerbock warned that Russia will pay a high price for further violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. – If Russia resumes its aggression against Ukraine, it will be very difficult to expect gas to flow through Nord Stream 2 in the future – Blinken emphasized.

The head of German diplomacy expressed the conviction that there was no alternative to a political solution to the conflict.

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