Blitz “Blue blood”, shot at the top of the Santapaola clan: the names of those arrested

The investigation, coordinated by the Dda of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, shed light on the recent developments in the dynamics of the Cosa Nostra Etna ‘family’, also identifying its top elements. Among those arrested, in fact, there is also the current “provincial manager” of the mafia family “Santapaola – Ercolano”. The investigation revealed a vast round of extortion against Catania entrepreneurs, a flourishing drug trafficking, debt collection through usury loans and the fictitious registration of economic activities. The proceeds from illegal activities were used both for the maintenance of the families of the detained affiliates, and reinvested in other entrepreneurial activities by infiltrating the economic fabric of Catania.



1) BONAVENTURA Carmelo, born in Catania on 25.9.1962;

2) BUFFARDECI Cristian, born in Catania on 13.5.1976;

3) CASERTA Francesco, born in Catania on 19.6.1971;

4) CASTORINA Angelo Antonino, born in Catania on 4.1.1991;

5) COLOMBO Domenico, born in Catania on April 15, 1976;

6) DI MAURO Salvatore, born in Catania on 25.8.1965;

7) FALLICA Carmelo Cristian, born in Wickede (Germany) 28.10.1985;

8) MAGRI ‘Orazio, born in Catania on May 15, 1971;

9) MARGHELLA Mario, born in Catania on 20.7.1970;

10) MUSCARÀ Corrado Gabriel, born in Catania on 13.09.1996;

11) NAPLES Francesco Tancredi Maria, born in Catania on 10.4.1976;

12) OCCHIPINTI Angelo, born in Catania on February 19, 1974;

13) PAPPALARDO Giuseppe, born in San Giovanni La Punta (CT) on 22.1.1967;

14) PINO Vincenzo, born in Catania on 02.10.1998;

15) PLATANIA Francesco, born in Catania on 2.4.1968;

16) RACITI Carmelo, born in Catania on 15.6.1982;

17) SANTAPAOLA Antonino, born in Catania on April 20, 1984;

18) SANTAPAOLA Francesco, born in Catania on 1.12.1979;

19) SANTAPAOLA Gabriele, born in Catania on 20.4.1984,

20) SANTAPAOLA Giuseppe, born in Catania on 29.12.1981;

21) SAPIA Vincenzo, born in Catania on 31.01.1966;

22) LADDER Giuseppe, born in Catania on 27.9.1966;

23) SCHILLACI Lorenzo Michele, born in Troina (EN) on 25.4.1968;

24) SORTINO Gaetano, born in Catania on 7.8.1965;

25) TRINGALE Gaetano, born in Catania on 13.11.1961;

26) ZAPPALÀ Daniele Carmelo, born in Catania on 8.2.1966.


1. BARBERO Eugenio Dante, born in Catania on 28.7.1974;

2. BRUNO Barbaro, born in Sidney (Australia) on 5.4.1971;

3. DI SALVATORE Massimo, born in Catania on 11/26/1972;

4. FERRERA Francesco, born in Catania on 22.12.1964;

5. LOMBARDO Rosario, born in Catania on 26.8.1968;

6. LOMONACO Salvatore Daniele, born in Taormina (ME) on 12.6.1982;

7. SCIRÈ Simone, born in Catania on 18.10.1989;

8. TURRISI Giuseppe, born in Francavilla di Sicilia (ME) on 8.7.1973;

9. ZAMMATARO Gerardo born in Piedimonte Etneo on 15.12.1975.

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