BLITZ – the New album from Miley Cyrus is going to be a super-rock-and-roll


Miley Cyrus has revealed more details about his new album, including the title: “She-Is-Miley Cyrus”.

In an interview with the radio broadcaster, the australian Smallzy, the singer said he was “super close” to end the disc and is “ready” to get you up and running. “I’ve got a song that’s sound like a super-rock-and-roll,” she said, still.

Among the names of those who collaborated with Cyrus on that, which will be the successor of the “Younger Now”, in the fall of 2017, is the one by Mark Ronson. “I’ve worked with him on three of the songs,” he said.

“It has a wave-the middle Joan Jett, or bring it back to the rock’ n ‘ roll. And at the moment I’ve got the hairstyle from my father’s side. I’m excited to bring it back,” she said, a joke.

Listen here to the interview:



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