Blizzard, Co-Founder Mike Morhaime Will Receive the Gamelab Honor Award

Blizzard issued an official statement regarding recent events involving a professional Hearthstone player. Let’s read the words of President J. Allen Brack.

Blizzard intervened on the recent controversy involving Ng Way “Blitzchung” Chung, stating that he will give the player his prize money and reduce his ban from Hearthstone competitions from one year to six months.

As you probably remember, in recent days Blitzchung had expressed its support for the Hong Kong liberation movement, and precisely because of these positions, Blizzard had taken action against him. However, this decision ended up generating a formal protest from some employees at the company’s headquarters.

J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment, wrote a letter to the community to provide an official position on recent events. The company will reduce the punishment imposed, but adds that “there are consequences for having removed the conversation from the purpose of the event”.

In fact, the manager reiterates that Blitzchung “used his segment to make a statement on the situation in Hong Kong, in violation of the rules he recognized and understood, and this is why we took action”.

“The official transmission must relate to the tournament and be a place where everyone is welcome. To confirm this, we want to keep the official channels focused on the gaming activity,” Brack continued, adding that the opinions expressed by the player do not have influenced the company’s judgment.

Interviewed by IGN, Blitzchung commented: “I expected Blizzard’s decision, I think it is unfair but with respect to their decision. I am not regretting what I said. I should not be afraid of this kind of white terror.”

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