Blizzard, Possible Layoffs in the French Office of Versailles

Blizzard, Possible Layoffs in the French Office of Versailles

The staff cuts announced by Blizzard at the beginning of the year are also going to hit the publisher’s French headquarters, with layoffs that will affect 134 people.

Blizzard is preparing to carry out 134 layoffs that will hit Blizzard Entertainment SAS, the French publisher’s headquarters located in Versailles.

The personnel cut is in the perspective of a restructuring announced at the beginning of the year, which involved over 800 people and which the French unions have widely criticized because of the contrast between these measures and the record collections declared by the company. last year, with net profits of 1.6 billion euros.

In short, the trade unions argue that the size of the redundancies does not correspond to the current situation of Blizzard’s European division and that several positions have simply been relocated to obtain economic advantages.

The concern of the staff that will keep their place in Blizzard Entertainment SAS also clearly concerns the greater burden of tasks that will be determined by the 30% cut in the workforce.

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