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The Milan has need from strengthen despite the scudetto won last season. He needs to strengthen himself because the others will strengthen and because Milan must win and to open a cycle. Confirm yourself in Italy and improve more and more until you become successful also in Europe and in the world.

The Milan has need from minimum 5 strokes important. Absolute priorities are the right winger, a role in which a starter must be bought, and an attacking midfielder, where a starter must also be taken here. You also need a midfielder like Renato Sanches who would be a semi-starter because he would play alongside Tonali and alternate with Bennacer. In addition, a central defender must also be taken who can be a regular or common to replace one between Tomori and Kalulu. All this taking for granted Origin forward and excluding the shots to complete the squad and to replace the starters.

Also the concept from 11 holder it goes revised because with the winter break for the world championship in Qatar it will be a championship abnormal And with a big expenditure from energies. Serie A will start on August 14 with the first matchday. By the end of August there will be three more days, 21, 28 and 31 August. In September the 4, 11 and 18 will be played and then there will be a break for the national teams. In October there will be five Serie A matches, 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30, while in November we will have three Serie A matches, 6, 9, which will be midweek and then 13. reach the world stop for 52 days. Not to mention the European cups, Champions and so on, which will lead to playing 28 games before the world stop.

With this tour de force also at the level of preparation a change is needed, that is to start light in the legs because whoever will play the cups will be called ai extraordinaryreason for which serves a rose long (28 units at least) e competitive to meet all commitments. It will make a difference, also considering that the 5 changes have been confirmed as definitive.

Therefore the concept of 11 owner must be definitively set aside. Do not exist more the 11 holders. There will be turnover and you have to think for minimum 18 holdersif not 22.

Sorry for have view vanish Botman. We were deluded when Paolo Maldini made it clear to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, declaring a specific question about Sven Botman: “L’towe are followed but there are many valid players in that role. ” In the transfer market in general, the statements are often white lies, bluffs and misdirections. This of Maldini was a truth. Sometimes in the transfer market the managers also tell the truth.

However Botman was not top priority because with Tomori And Kalulu he can be considered a starter after 11, in the 18. While the attacking midfielder and the right winger would be starters in the first 11. And they are top priority. This does not mean that the central defender is not needed, because as I explained earlier, with the tour de force that awaits Milan next season, we need to think about at least 18 starters. And therefore an additional central defender after the 11 is needed, because the turnover will be the protagonist in the coming season.

I would prefer a young profile like Thiaw of Schalke 04 e Theate of Bologna rather than Unripe of Lazio, now 34 springs. If it has to be Unripe, then I move all-up Alessio Romagnoli and you try to renew him. She would have more logic.

Renato Sanches he is a passion of mine and I hope he can get there. Fantastic player. The only problem is the injuries but if he gets the preparation right with him, then we will be faced with a Top shot. Technical, he kicks with both feet, devastating in dribbling, sees the goal, knows how to serve his teammates, is flexible. In midfield and on the frontline he can play anywhere.

On the trocar I have a dream. Like in the movie ‘Dreaming of Beckham ‘, 2002 film, produced in Great Britain and was the first Western film to be broadcast on North Korean TV which featured Keira Knightley among the protagonists and tells of an 18-year-old girl with a passion for football who would like to emulate the exploits of her idol David Beckham but the Indian family opposes this decision and would like their daughter to dress more feminine and find a man to marry considering football a sport for tomboys.

Well, in this case, paraphrasing this movie, ‘Dreaming of De Ketelaere ‘. It is the ideal profile for us. At Milan profiles such as Ziyech And Asensio for the right and Dybala who would play attacking midfielder at Milan or false nueve, not to mention that Pioli is also evaluating modules to be used as an alternative. The 4/2/3/1 of Pioli is hybrid and next year it will be different. It will be a more ‘European’ Milan, who will impose their own game and will be more offensive. We will have a role-playing midfielder and not adapted on the frontline, as happened last season with Kessi√© and Krunic and also the forward, with Origi who is not a striker who plays on the side and in the area like Giroud but more mobile, not to mention that De Ketelaere can also play tip.

Left-handed, he also delights with the right, where he needs to improve, class 2001, 1.92 cm tall, Charles De Ketelaere for how he carries the ball, for his movements, for the fact that he runs with his head held high, the elegance with which he moves with the ball, remember tremendously Kaka. It is not the same level of competitiveness of course but for some characteristics and way of playing and feeding his teammates he resembles it. Skip the man, the Belgian talent of Bruges is really a profile that intrigues me a lot. He is already in the senior Belgian national team. And he scored his first goal against Italy to Gianluigi Donnarumma with a shot that passed under the legs of the Italian goalkeeper.

He is good at fitting in, but above all at feeding others. He is one who makes his teammates go into the goal with his intuitions of him. He has already won national titles with Bruges, 3 league titles and a Belgian super cup, he will be able to consecrate himself definitively to Milan. Bruges asks for 40 million but I think that at 35 million, including bonuses, we can find the square. IS a investment that the Milan needs to Do. He would potentially be a future Top player if valued well and the Milan 10 would be worn by a profile of absolute value.

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