Blonde, the controversy over the candidacy of Ana De Armas breaks out: “It’s revolting”

blonde ana de armas

Blondethe movie of Andrew Dominik based on the 1999 novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oatescontinues to argue. After being attacked by many and defined as a fetishization of female pain, it is now the candidacy of Ana De Armas garlic Oscars 2023 to rekindle the controversy.

The actress who plays Marilyn Monroe in what is not a biopic but the destruction of the afterimage of the famous 50s actress, competes in the category of Best Leading Actresswhile Blonde got the most nominations yes but ai Razzie Awards – the golden farts of cinema. The decision to include De Armas in the five did not go down well with a part of the public, which as usual went wild on social media.

For many, in fact, her candidacy was “stolen” from another famous actress like Viola Davis. She stands out above all in the «list of actresses who would have deserved the nomination instead of Ana De Armas» and there are those who even cry scandal at his absence. «The fact that Viola Davis is not nominated for The Woman King and instead that atrocity of Blonde with Ana De Armas yes it is absolutely revolting» wrote a user (HERE).

Others feel the same way: there are those who share the video of Paul Dano as the Riddler in The Batman while obsessively repeating “No” in reaction to the nomination for Ana De Armas (HERE) and who cites instead Jean Smart Of Babylon while ranting «Look at these idiots» (HERE). The tenor is clear and it is the same that accompanied the release of the film on Netflix, defined by some users as “the most detestable film I have ever seen”.

Viola Davis in The Woman King Of Gina Prince-Bythewood interpreted the general Nanisca of the Kingdom of Dahomey. Inspired by real events, he recounts how in 1823 he trained and led his Amazons in a heroic resistance against Portuguese slavers. The film did not get any nominations at the 2023 Oscars.

What do you think about it? She would have deserved more than the already premI Oscar for barriveor was it right to nominate Ana De Armas for Blonde? Let us know in the comments.

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