Blonde, the new voice of Marilyn Monroe is by Valentina Favazza

After a brilliant career spanning over 200 voice-overs, Valentina Favazza has lent its voice to the iconic Marilyn Monroe in the movie Blonde. Presented in September of this year at the “Venice Film Festival”the biopic that with the eyes of the American director Andrew Dominik sees the star in his most human fragility it is the fruit for the Aosta Valley voice actress of a complex study and preparation work.

“One of the best interpretations”

If the main actress of the film, Ana De Armashe had the opportunity to deepen his character for about a year before trying his hand at his interpretation, Valentina was forced to more stringent timing of the dubbing.

“Exceptionally I could view the project before entering the roomcomparing it to some of the most famous biographies of the character filmed in the past and coming to realize as much as mine performance is linked more to Norma Jean than to her Marilyn mask – says the voice actress -. After approx 17 years within this field, during which I have nonetheless lived fantastic experiences, I can certainly say that this is it one of the best performances assigned to mewhich has joined me to historical dubbers who have been pampering Italians with their own voices for almost 100 years”.

“An infinite emotion”

Dubbing fan since the age of 7, Valentina admits to Not still have found the courage to see Blonde againdespite having had to listen to some excerpts again and even having received some excellent feedback from the public and colleagues.

“It’s not just about the severity with which I judge my work or the need for time for metabolize the fact of having become the modern voice of Marilyn – comments the woman -. This movie touches for me particular and important strings because, if on the one hand recalls that dreamy little girl that I was once giving me an infinite emotion, on the other hand it fits into a very difficult period during which I assisted my mother in the last days of her life, who died too early to be able to see the fruit of my commitment concluded”.

“A biopic about weaknesses”

One of the major ones difficulty encountered by the Aosta Valley voice actress in the course of Blonde is that relating to work on the voices of her colleagues from the past.

“I looked in the old films about Marilyn for certain inevitable and memorable notes to try to replicate without falling into the imitative and the ancient but going to look for a sort of both vocal and emotional balance – explains Valentina -. It was strange to find myself inside a biopic focused on weaknesses in which it is not so much the strong and reactive character of the protagonist that emerges but her uncertainties and her delicacy”.


History of a career

After the first ones Turin debuts in the soap opera “Tempesta d’amore” just 19 years old, Valentina launches into a real leap in the dark in the market of Romefull of interesting products that allow you to train and achieve a Artistic maturity otherwise impossible.

“It is in the capital that I was able to look at the big cinemaalways encouraged and supported by my parents parents Grace and Beppe, two of the most important points of reference in my life who have never stopped believing in me – declares the voice actress -. After a sort of apprenticeship, my turning point was represented by “The Theory of Everything”in which I lent the voice to Felicity Jonesto date an integral part of that shortlist of actresses that I play most frequently”.

After others thick films and other colossal among which the Marvel feature film “X-Men”, Valentina begins to support authentic professionals in the world of dubbing including Flame Izzo And Rudolph whites.

“Between TV shows who have best known how to give me prestige there is one of the flagship products of “Sky”, “Westword” – reports the young woman -. In the growing multiplicity of platforms present today, I am going through a very intense professional period and, alongside some projects on which I am forced to keep confidential, I will soon be able to start processing the fifth and final season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”a series that allowed me to give vent to my most comic vein”.

“Artistically rich and stimulating months”

Among the pivotal roles of his career, Valentina does not fail to mention “The Danish Girl”biography of the first transgender in history, Lily, whose wife she played.

“I still feel in my soul the magic of that processing, on which I had the rare opportunity to really spend many hours, a time often set aside in favor of productivity alone – the woman recalls -. I am living artistically rich and stimulating months during which I have the opportunity to express myself in different ways, as happened with the parallel work on “Blonde” and “Power Rings”film of the saga based on my beloved novels by Tolkien in which I dressed in the clothes of the strong and unassailable queen of fantasy Galadriel”.

“A strong bond that comes from the earth”

For Valentina Valle d’Aosta now represents the pleasant but distant memory of a Roman town that has left its heart in the mountains.

“Although over time my sister, uncle and friends have come to visit me in Rome, I am at least 8 years since I frequented my native region – admits the girl -. With my Valle d’Aosta I feel a strong bond that comes from the eartha root that goes beyond the constancy with which I find this place so dear to me”.

“Be able to become anyone”

The passion of Valentina for dubbing originates from sound fairy tales that as a child she listened to with her grandfather, which allowed her to sharpen your ear so much so as to be able to recognize the voices of the various voice actors even if associated with different characters.

“That’s how, started recording me while i used to act out my favorite cartoons and movies, i found out about can become anyone independent of my physicality, even taking part in major American productions – concludes the voice actress, who was able to perfect her raw talent as a self-taught girl thanks to youth theatrical experiences of an amateur nature -. Being a voice actor is more than just having a good sounding voice, and in fact, it’s not that dissimilar from being a actor which, while remaining behind the scenes, excites and fascinates the viewer with the same and satisfying intensity”.

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