Bloodborne, the Board Game Exceeds $ 4 Million on Kickstarter

Great success for the Kickstarter campaign dedicated to the Bloodborne board game: the project ended the collection with over 4 million dollars.

Bloodborne is a brand still very popular among fans, so it is no coincidence that the Kickstarter campaign to finance the project of a board game inspired by the title of From Software has broken down.

The collection, which had set a target of 200,000 dollars, was closed to over 4 million thanks to the support of just under 24,000 backers, after a debut in which it had totaled almost 1.5 million in just twenty-four hours.

Created by Michael Shinall and Eric M. Lang, Bloodborne: The Board Game will see one to four Hunters explore the city of Yharnam and face wild beasts, monsters and citizens to survive the night and discover the origin of the evil that is consuming that place.

The board game packaging will include not only a series of cards but also many fine miniatures, along the lines of Games Workshop productions.


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