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Costa Rican government institutions that deal with maritime issues met to discuss how various existing blue economy initiatives in the country could be structured under a single concept. Similarly, a meeting called “Alliance for the Blue Economy” was organized by Conservation International Costa Rica with the support of the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and worship.

Ana Gloria Guzmán Mora explained, “The blue economy seeks to achieve sustainable use of the ocean’s resources, which allows economic development of communities and human populations, while simultaneously maintaining and improving the health of marine and coastal ecosystems.” Is.” Director of Conservation International Costa Rica.

The UK Minister for the Americas and the Caribbean, together with the UK Government David Rutley, is co-leader of the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People, which currently calls for protecting 30% of the ocean by 2030, as well as protecting it from over-exploitation working for. pollution, loss of biodiversity and climate change, realizing the need to achieve development and prosperity for the people at the same time.

“Costa Rica already has actions that have been formulated under a Blue Economy vision, however, they are initiatives and processes that must be clarified and integrated in the same direction, inter-institutionally consolidated effective maritime governance must also be strengthened through coordination, collaboration and based on sound technical and scientific criteria”, commented Guzmán Mora.

Some of the initiatives currently in place are sustainable fisheries and aquaculture projects with triple impact (social, environmental, economic), scientific research, conservation and restoration of marine ecosystems, use of digital tools for control and monitoring, about 72% of tourist arrivals . Countries looking for nature and marine ecosystem experiences, such as surfing, snorkeling, diving, wildlife watching, etc.

The meeting was attended by various institutions, such as representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Environment and Energy; as the sponsor of the event. as well as employees of the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications; Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock; Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce; Treasure; Ministry of Foreign Trade; Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy; National Coast Guard Service; Costa Rican Tourism Institute; Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture; promotion institute and municipal advice; National University; National System of Conservation Areas and National Commission for the Management of Biodiversity.

The activity ended with a discussion on “Obstacles and opportunities for building an integrated and innovative system for the blue economy in Costa Rica” between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Worship, the Ministry of Environment and Energy and representatives of INCOPESCA. @mundiario

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