Blue Monday, what to watch on Netflix to bask in sadness

Today is the saddest day of the year, at least that’s what the data tells us. The third Monday of January, in fact, is the furthest day from the next holidays, from the glimmer of hope that spring brings us and is considered the most depressing day of the year. This was first mentioned in a 2005 release from a travel agency which, using an equation based on various factors such as weather conditions, the level of debt, the time since Christmas, the time since the infraction of the New Year’s resolutions, low motivation levels and a sense of having to act, he found that this very day, today of the year, drives people to peak sadness peaks. Sadness, however, is a respectable emotion which, in order to be overcome, must be faced and lived. And so, to indulge in the sensations of this saddest Monday of the year and bask in all its drama, here are some titles to watch on Netflix to indulge these sensations. These are TV series or films that encourage reflection, introspection and which, yes, a little anguish makes it vanish, but sometimes even that is needed to be able to move forward.

BoJack Horseman

There is no series better than BoJack Horseman to indulge the sense of blue Monday sadness. How come? Because perhaps this Netflix animated series can be considered one of the most introspective ever and capable of making us do a continuous examination of conscience. Real animation jewel of the streaming platform, BoJack Horseman to be seen it needs a certain psychological predisposition to drama and sadness and what better day, if not Blue Monday, to dive into this imaginary world where people have animal-like features and where each character is able to excite us, reflect , distress and empathize with its shortcomings?

Pieces of a Woman

Another Netflix pearl perfect for Blue Monday is Pieces of a Woman. A film that sees an extraordinary Vanessa Kirby in the role of a woman intent on giving birth at home. A drama with a capital D made with such a sense of reality that it manages to step off the screen. Pieces of a Woman tells the story of a pregnant woman who finds herself having to deal with a birth that doesn’t go as hoped and having to find herself after facing a tragedy. Realistic, visceral, a slap in the face, this film is a piece of life thrown on the screen and made available to everyone that makes us reflect on the strength of women, on the theme of abandonment and on the power of life, even after death.

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Black Mirror

Also Black Mirror it is a perfect series to give space to all one’s sense of sadness. It is an anthological series that develops various themes and makes us reflect on the meaning of life and the limits of human psychology. Irreverent, surprising and often distressing, this series is able to touch most of people’s raw nerves and, imagining a future where technology will dominate, pushes us to reflect on how much it is necessary to keep our feet on the ground to don’t come to a bad end, in every sense. A gem that is always a pleasure to look at but which, as well as in the case of BoJack Horsemanto be able to fully enjoy it you need to be prepared to face even the darkest sides of your inner life.


This series leads to a different type of inner reflection, that relating to interpersonal relationships. Based on the homonymous novel by Marco Missiroli, Fidelity tells the story of a betrayal not only relational but also personal. This Italian title, among the most interesting of last year, prompts us to reflect on how important it is not to betray oneself as a person, not to betray one’s ideals, one’s essence. A series that saddens but at the same time pushes us not to make the same mistakes as its protagonists, a profound and emotional series which, on the saddest day of the year, is ideal.

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