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9-12 along the line of Orioli.

9-11 The series in the service of Sliwka ends here.

8-11 Majchrzak wall on Bovolenta. Change of diagonal for Italy.

8-10 Ace from Sliwka, attention.

8-9 Orioli also out of sight, Italy time-out.

8-8 Error in attack also by Bovolenta, set reopened.

8-7 Escape the Porro pipe.

8-6 Responds to the Majchrzak center.

8-5 First half of Balestra.


6-4 Kufka’s error from nine meters.

5-4 The series in Porro’s service ends here.


4-3 DO NOT PASS! Fox Wall on Nowik!

3-3 Bovolenta left lob.

2-3 Keep arguing with the Boninfante joke.

2-2 Muroneeeeee di Volpe on Sliwka!

1-2 Kufka’s first half.

1-1 Along the Majchrzak service.

0-1 Mani-out by Szymendera.

21:05 The Azzurrini are playing the perfect match up to now. Less incisive on the block and on serve than in the first set, but the attack is working great: 8 winning attacks for Bovolenta with 50%, 7 for Porro with 58%, for the first even 3 aces, while for the second even 5 winning services. Now it will be important not to drop the pace, you have to start fast right away!

25-19 Error in the service of Olszewski! ITALY FORWARD 2-0!

24-19 Deep diagonal of Szymendera.

24-18 Nowik’s attack error, there are 6 set points for Italy!

23-18 Scary diagonal of Bovolenta, oh my what a shock!

22-18 Parallel of Sliwka from place four.


21-17 Shot worked behind Porro’s wall.

20-17 Boninfante’s joke on the net.

20-16 Bravo Porro to receive a difficult ball and then to attack on the hands of the wall.

19-16 Eccher enters and misses the service.

19-15 Deep diagonal of Porro.

18-15 Orioli’s service does not pass.


17-14 Beautiful attack in counter-time by Orioli.

16-14 Boninfante gets enticed and wastes the +4 ball.

16-13 Narrow diagonal of Bovolenta from place two!

15-13 Error from the nine meters of Volpe.

15-12 Sliwka’s joke does not pass.

14-12 Training foul for the Azzurri.

14-11 Nowik passes against the blue three-way wall and brings his team back to -3.

14-10 Porro’s joke is long.

14-9 Wide this time the service of the Polish opposite.

13-9 Ace from Nowik.

13-8 The Boninfante service is online.

13-7 Parallel impregnable of Bovolenta.

12-7 Nowik’s diagonal wins this time.

12-6 Error in Nowik’s attack.

11-6 Nowik unlocks the situation for Poland.

11-5 MOMMA MY! Great intervention in defense of Orioli, raising of Bovolenta and millimeter attack of Porro!

10-5 Lob from Bovolenta, Poles in great difficulty.

9-5 We fly to +4 and time-out for Poland.

8-5 Error in Nowik’s Attack!

7-5 The Kubicki service is also online.

6-5 The Bovolenta service does not pass.

6-4 Disaster in Poland’s reconstruction.

5-4 Nowik also passes parallel.

5-3 First time behind Volpe!

4-3 Nowik’s hands-out from the second row.

4-2 DOESN’T STOP ANY MORE! Another winning service for Porro!

3-2 Nowik’s service on the net.

2-2 Sliwka diagonal from place four.

2-1 Volpe responds to the center, first half in attack for a blue central.

1-1 Kufka’s first half.

1-0 It starts with a scary narrow diagonal from Porro.

20:38 First convincing set of the blues, who played in a clean and aggressive way. Italy made the difference in the break phase with two blocks and even seven aces (3 by Bovolenta and 4 by Porro). 45% in attack for our national team, against 56% in Poland, which has a higher percentage because in fact it has attacked far fewer balls due to poor reception.

25-19 THE CLOSES LUCA PORRO AT SERVICEOOOOO! Masterful Italy in the first set!

24-19 ACEEEEEEEEEEE BY LUCA PORRO !!! There are 5 set points for Italy!

23-19 Bovolenta goes upstairs and throws down a stone!

22-19 Sliwka passes from place four.

22-18 Nowik’s bloody mistake.

21-18 First half of Majchrzak.

21-71 MURONEEEE OF BONINFANTE! Sliwka does not pass.

20-17 Mani-out by Nowik.

20-16 Orioli’s impregnable diagonal.

19-16 The series serving Bovolenta ends here.

19-15 THE ATTACK OF ORIOLI GOES UP! Heavy break.

18-15 Kubicki dribble foul! Time-out for Poland.

17-15 ACEEEEEE DI BOVOLENTA! He is the third personal and the fifth of the team.

16-15 Kubicki’s serve does not pass.

15-15 Volpe’s joke stops on the tape.

15-14 Orioli passes in a long diagonal from place four.

14-14 Nowik scores from the second line.

14-13 Wonderful lift by Laurenzano, then Bovolenta thinks about it in attack.

13-13 Seven of Majchrzak.

13-12 Nowik’s joke is long.

12-12 Sliwka brings Poland back in a draw.

12-11 First half of Majchrzak.

12-10 Shot to climb over the Porro wall, Polish disaster in defense.

11-10 Nowik’s diagonal from place two.

11-9 Misunderstanding between the registrar and the central of Poland.

10-9 Szymendera’s diagonal broadside.

10-8 Poland time-out.

10-8 AGAIN! Fourth ace for Italy and double advantage!

9-8 ACEEEEEE DI BOVOLENTA! Let’s take the lead!

8-8 Kubicki’s line is long.

7-8 Kufka’s early first half.

7-7 Error in Nowik’s attack.

6-7 Mani-out by Bovolenta from place two.

5-7 Kufka Wall on Volpe.

5-6 Pipe by Szymendera, but what an absurd defense of the Azzurri.

5-5 AGAIN! Winning serve and parity!


3-5 Bovolenta unlocks in attack from place four.

2-5 First half of Majchrzak.

2-4 Deep diagonal of Porro, good for the blues in coverage.

1-4 Bovolenta’s counterattack on a difficult ball.

1-3 The series serving Kufka ends here.

0-3 Sliwka wall on Bovolenta.

0-2 Ace from Kufka.

0-1 It starts with a winning Polish attack.

20:12 Italy responds with: Boninfante, Volpe, Bovolenta, Balestra, Orioli, Porro and Laurenzano.

20:10 This is the sextet of Poland: Majchrzak, Szymendera, Kubicki, Nowik, Sliwka and Kufka.

20:08 Thrilling atmosphere, the public has flocked to this final, it will be fun!

20:05 It’s time for the national anthems!

20:02 Warm-up phase finished!

19:59 Italy’s sextet should be the same as the one he played yesterday, the only doubt is in the direction between Boninfante and Fanizza.

19:56 The formations are completing the official warm-up phase.

19:53 Italy will play at the Palazzetto Dello Sport in Montesilvano and will therefore also be able to bet on the home crowd.

19:50 The match will start a few minutes late as the final for the bronze was quite long and hard fought and saw Bulgaria win 3-1 against Belgium.

19:47 These two teams have already faced each other on the last day of the group stage and in that case it was Italy who won with a dry 3-0.

19:44 Poland instead finished group 1 in second position, just behind Italy, while yesterday in the semifinals they overtook Belgium (3-0).

19:41 Italy reaches this appointment after having finished group 1 in first place with 13 points and four wins out of 5 games and after having defeated Bulgaria in the semifinals yesterday (3-1)

19:38 Another day that could prove to be historic for Italian volleyball, after the great successes of the senior national teams and the string of continental golds obtained by the youth national teams, today also the men’s U20 national team wants to add to the party.

19:35 Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Poland, match valid for the final of the U20 European Men’s Volleyball 2022.

Friends of OA Sport, good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Poland, match valid for the final of the U20 European Men’s Volleyball 2022. The Italy of volleyball is probably experiencing the best moment in its history if you look at the movement at 360 degrees, in addition to the fantastic successes of the senior national teams, this summer the medals (most of them gold) also fell in the various Europeans youth and it’s not over yet!

Italy reaches this appointment after having finished group 1 in first place with 13 points and four wins out of 5 games and after having defeated Bulgaria (3-1) yesterday in the semifinals. Poland, on the other hand, finished group 1 in second position, just behind Italy, while yesterday in the semifinals they overtook Belgium (3-0). These two teams have already clashed on the last day of the group stage and on that occasion it was Italy who prevailed with a clear 3-0. It is always difficult to think of a favorite formation when it comes to youth matches, but Italy seen yesterday, dragged by Bovolenta And Leekmust not be afraid of anyone, the potential is enormous.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Poland, a match valid for the final of the U20 European Men’s Volleyball Championships, news in real time, minute by minute, action after action, so you don’t really miss anything. the match will start at 20:00!

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