Blues star reveals sporting nationality of his future son

Certainly, not a day goes by without the media talking about Kylian Mbappe. It appears the 24-year-old has bought a house in Provence in the south of France. In a completely different register, the departure of KM7 from Paris Saint-Germain is on everyone’s lips. It is rumored that Real Madrid want to acquire him at all costs. On the Liverpool side, the management would also be willing to pay €200 million to have him in the workforce.

Suffice it to say that the Parisian club are blazing the summer transfer window. Meanwhile, “Kyki” is using his vacation days wisely. After his holidays in the United States, the Blues captain settled in Cameroon. in an interview given to New Ivorian Channel (NCI)He specifically mentioned the sporting nationality of his future son.
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Kylian Mbappe believes in family future

Kendall, who was very close to Jenner, received a hero’s welcome in his father Wilfrid’s native village of Jebele in Cameroon. Surrounded by heavy security equipment, the PSG star was able to reconnect with his roots. For information, let us tell you that he was passing through this African country to participate in a series of charity programs.

from to the microphones of reporters NCIWhom the Parisian locker room named Donatello, answered the following question:

If you were the father of a high level footballer son, would you tell him to choose between the France team or the Cameroon team?

It is an easy question, because it is a question from the heart, it is not like a club. You have to see what is his relationship with the country, is he close to Cameroon, is he close to France.

“It’s a personal preference”

Continuing his momentum, Kylian Mbappe talks about his career. Bondi is originally from Cameroon. However, those who are close to Emmanuel Macron grew up in France. This is one of the reasons why this football player became internationally recognized. As far as the sporting nationality of her future son is concerned, the choice is entirely hers.

(…) Maybe I will be in Cameroon, that he will have a big connection with Cameroon and therefore he will choose Cameroon. Or we’ll be in France and he’ll choose France. But it is a choice he will make. I don’t want to ask him to do anything because it is his personal choice.

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