BMW showed a car whose paint can change color

The function of selecting almost any car paint color, similar to the ambient light color setting, may be available in the near future. BMW has presented a solution that could prove to be an important step in this direction.

White or black varnish? You can decide about it at any time

Due to the fact that modern cars are called computers on wheels, this year’s CES could not be absent from the leading manufacturers. BMW was among the companies that decided to present their solutions. The company from Bavaria boasted a technology that allows you to change the color of the car. It is worth adding that the iX model was used here, which is currently the top representative of the electric offer of the German company.

BMW iX Flow Featuring E Ink
(photo by BMW)

Interestingly, the described solution has quite a lot in common with the Kindle e-book reader or the Pebble smartwatch. It is based on the E Ink technology. There are two colors available – white and black, so we do not have full freedom in choosing a paint.

How it’s working? The shell consists of many millions of microcapsules, the diameter of which corresponds to the thickness of a human hair. The color change takes place here through the appropriate stimulation of the electric field. Each of the aforementioned capsules contains negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. As a result, by sending an appropriate “signal”, white or black pigment is collected on the surface of the capsule.

The user – using a special switch – can at any time choose whether the BMW should be white or black.

Not only effective, but also practical

I must admit that the change in the color of the paint is really impressive. The more that the system works really well in movies. However, efficiency is a “side effect”, as BMW says the technology developed is primarily about the correct performance of electric cars.

Yes, color can affect the performance of electric cars, more specifically their energy requirements. A white surface reflects much more sunlight than a black surface, which can be useful in summer. Then, maintaining the designated temperature inside the vehicle will be easier, which in turn will relieve the air conditioning.

If you’re looking forward to the moment a BMW with paint selector goes on sale, we don’t have good news. The German manufacturer announced that the solution is currently in the experimental phase and is being treated as a research project. It is possible, however, that the technology in a similar or even improved form will someday find its way to interested drivers.

Private cinema room in the car

BMW brought a solution to CES that should appeal to cinema lovers and passengers traveling in the rear. The company revealed Theater Screen, a 31-inch display with an aspect ratio of 32: 9. It can be mounted just behind the front seats, providing people in the rear seat with a really large screen that will be used, among others. for viewing movies.

It is true that screens for rear passengers are not new to cars, but so far they were usually mounted on the headrests of the front seats and were similar in size to the large iPad Pro. In contrast, BMW in the Theater Screen offers a much larger screen that can be mounted on the ceiling of the car.

It is also worth adding that the screen has a resolution of 8K and works under the control of Amazon Fire OS, so we get easy access to many popular streaming services directly from the display, without the need to connect additional devices. Internet connectivity is provided by the 5G module.

Unfortunately, we do not know when or if Theater Screen will go to BMW cars at all.

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