bob walked, the helmet and clips


The cuts medium hair will be the big protagonists of the spring 2020. The hairstyle in question will always be very easy to carry and it will fit perfectly to every type of face. It is also sported by several celebrities, always the first to launch new trends.

Fashion-cut medium hair

On cuts medium hair there will be scaling, a lot of movement and fringe shows, or on the side. Actress Monica Bellucci opted for a bob walked and with the line side: to complete the whole, there is a long fringe.

The young Kaia Gerber, has abandoned her long tresses and showed off a bob smooth with the parting in the central. The scaling of this hair are very lightweight. The long bob Hailey Baldwin, Bieber has the middle line and as far as styling, the waves are very soft. Hailey for her hair she chose a golden blonde: this last one is the most bright on the tips and dark at the root. The american singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus has sported a mullet in the style of punk. This is a medium length, long in back and short in front: this hairstyle was led by Jane Fonda in the ’60s.

Natalie Portman has made a bob with the ends texturized and illuminated by some light schiariture. Between the cuts of medium hair don’t forget the blond bob of singer Katy Perry: on this type of foliage can be making waves to be a diva in the ’50s style. This long list ends with the bob long and moved to Cara Delevingne.

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After you have selected very carefully a new cut, you can also opt for the accessories.

These will be perfect for enhancing or complete hair. On the braids you will be able to apply the maxi colorful clips or with the logo of any brand. On long hair you can create a pony tail and after it is fixed you will be able to apply on the lengths of the clips, pegs or hairpins. These accessories should be of different sizes to give three-dimensionality to the queue.

Instead of cutting long or short term it will be perfect for the colorful clips or of pearls: in this case, it will be better to spray the hairspray to hold any clumps rebels. The clothespins should never miss on hairstyles and will be applied to the side of the hair or slightly above the nape of the neck.

The accessories continue

The clothespins can also be with the flowers, in the shape of a leaf or ear of wheat. The accessories in question will remember the nature and can be paired with a floral dress. During the last fashion week have been proposed mollettine with the geometric form and style of the ’90s.

These will be perfect for decorating both the setae of lengths, for a style that is very casual. All the accessories will be shown off in the home during this quarantine. In this way, a woman will always be perfect, even in a period not very happy about it. The time to discover many new hair cuts medium has finally arrived. When the hair stylists will be reopening they will be happy to satisfy all women with a new hairstyle.

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