Boban: ‘Milan, to return to the top you have to invest, there are roles to be reinforced. Scudetto? Naples is ready ‘| First page

Interviewed by Radio Raithe former executive of the Milan, Zvonimir Boban, spoke of the championship fight and also of the Rossoneri’s next Champions League match against Dinamo Zagreb.

AC MILAN IN ZAGREB – “Milan can win in Zagreb, the quality belongs to the Rossoneri side. Dinamo are tough and will sell their lives dearly: it won’t be an easy match for me either, they are the two teams of my life, ten years in Zagreb and ten years to Milan “.

MARKET – “In Milan there are players who are worthy of the Champions League and roles to be reinforced, it depends on the company’s ambitions, on how much you want to invest to get to the top. You have to think big, otherwise it is difficult for Milan to return to what it once was.”

ITALIAN TALENTS – “After Andrea Pirlo, Italy no longer had a great talent. Twenty years have passed and Italian talent in nurseries and creativity have been killed. For Italy it takes 10-15 years to get back to the top, and get closer at the level of England. These years must pass by working hard and well and redoing these stadiums which are now essential “.

SCUDETTO – “Napoli seem mature, have an extraordinary atmosphere and are aware of their means. They play extraordinary football, they are very balanced. Defensively they resolve things well. Milan have a great character and they played better against Napoli.”

INTER – “History and his greatness count, but I say that Inter could also return, if Lukaku returns to the one he was two years ago, anything can happen.”

LAZIO – “Lazio? Sarri is more in a team the more he makes them play well. It’s nice to see a Lazio like this and a Sarri like this, it’s dangerous but I don’t think he can fight for the Scudetto.”

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