Bobby Kotick considers leaving Activision. There was a meeting

Bobby Kotick considers leaving his job. Activision’s CEO informed managers that if he failed to resolve the problems that arose in the company, he would consider abandoning his position.

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Bobby Kotick is considering leaving Activision. This is, of course, the aftermath of the scandal over the inappropriate treatment of company employees that lasts for months. WSJ journalists claim that a meeting with Activision and Blizzard managers has already taken place, during which an important declaration was made.

Bobby Kotick declared that if he fails to solve the problems and improve the atmosphere in the company, he will consider leaving his job. He will consider it does not mean he will actually do it. On the other hand, such words indicate really big problems that the corporation is struggling with.

A few days ago, Bobby Kotick made a very important statement to his employees, in which he no longer leaves any doubts about the company’s policy against any abuse.

We are moving forward with the new policy – zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior, and zero is zero. No reprehensible behavior will be accepted.

Activision employees have been demanding Kotik’s departure from work some time ago. However, this did not happen. According to the Wall Street Journal, during one of his meetings with Activision executives, Kotick was told that until he quit, some employees would not be satisfied. The whole scandal seems to be over, and for that to happen, Kotick will likely have to leave the company.

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