Boca admit Rangoni injury: what happened to him and how long he won’t play

The striker, who has just overcome four muscle problems, will struggle again against Platense and will be out of action for a few weeks. There are many concerns behind closed doors.

Luca Langoni (photobileless)

Three points as Boca were poised to end an almost ideal Friday night with a victory, three excellent goals and Edison Cavani’s net debut to advance to the Copa Libertadores quarter-finals against Racing. The taste has become slightly bitter.sad image of After the final whistle, Luca Langoni cries out in frustration. The striker, who returned to the pitch for the first time in two months, He felt muscle discomfort in his first sprint after coming off the bench, Today it was confirmed that he again tore his right hamstring.

The despair of the 21-year-old footballer himself, who has gone on a stellar run in his bid for pro-league sanctification in 2022, has shown that it is no small matter. And at noon this Saturday, just an hour into the game, the club itself reported a grim prognosis, with heart palpitations. He had a “Grade II muscle injury” in the same area where he had already suffered three tears. (plus another one for the quadriceps, for a total of 5 in a row) in the last four months.

Boca medical report on Rangoni

To be precise, on April 12th, in the following game against San Lorenzo, he suffered his first muscle injury. A training session there in May suffered him, and the same thing happened a few weeks later against CoroColo (June 7) when he returned to the La Bombonera ground. He now has a Grade I problem with his left rectus femoris (which also occurred during practice), so yesterday he added a few minutes against Calamar.

But while the nightmare seemed to be coming to an end, it only lasted with the Brandsen 805. He had a puncture at the start after a long pass from Dario Benedetto, braked hard, and the game went on with obvious signs of pain. on his face. After the first round of the Pro League Cup, Rangoni burst into tears at his frustration and his teammates came to console him.

how long will he not play? Because it is a clinical grade II tear, It will take 3 to 4 weeks to leave the hospitalHowever, considering the striker’s most recent history, It is very likely that they will take it little by little and it will take some time before they take action again.Boca doesn’t want to set deadlines And they want to understand the cause of this recurring injury in order to solve it.

Mouth vs. Pratense: Luca Langoni’s cry after injury


Mouth vs. Pratense: Luca Langoni's cry after injury

Almiron’s words on Rangoni’s injury after Boca win

Boca coach Jorge Almiron lamented Rangoni’s new injury at his press conference after the 3-1 loss to Platense. “It hurts us all.”

“It’s very important for me, he looked good in training. Unfortunately, today I am angry again.”expressed DT and hoped as follows. “I hope it’s not serious, but it’s a contracture, so I have to be patient again. Medical staff need to do a thorough analysis.”

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