Bodega Aurrera completes a set of three completely nonstick pans with a free French Press

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If you like to prepare some fried eggs with coffee for breakfast in the morning, Orella Winery Giving you the perfect combination: set of pans Those who were not hit by anything French media.

The store is auctioning a package containing three Cast iron skillets and French press One liter glass from the brand Casa Litus.

Casa Litus claims that its pans “will last in your family for generations,” because cast iron makes them ultra-durable.

Apart from that, the pans in question are very safe for health as they are non-stick, but they do not have Teflon, which is dangerous because it contains perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA, a substance that guarantees it Still attached to the pot. Muy Interesante magazine explains in its article “Does Teflon in Frying Pans Cause Cancer?” that these pans act like glue.

Adding to what has already been said, cast iron pot They retain maximum food properties and cook in much shorter times than traditional pans; in addition, they can be used on any type of stove, oven, grill or directly over the fire.

Orella Winery

On the other hand, with French media You can prepare up to four cups of cereal coffee or tea to wake up to in the morning.

According to Bodega Aurrera’s description of the above product, it comes with a lid that creates a perfect seal to prevent spills.

“This set is the perfect combo when you need to whip up breakfast or brunch quickly, but without sacrificing flavor and variety,” emphasizes Bodega Aurrera.

Orella Winery

How much does a frying pan and French press combo cost?

Orella Winery It often sells the Casa Litus Frying Pan and French Press Combo for 1,215 pesos, but for a limited time, you can get it for only 689 pesos since it’s 43% off.

Orella Winery

If you are interested in this package Iron pot and French pressbut you have completed two weeks and you can pay in three months with a BBVA credit card; however, the cost increases to 788.71 pesos, which is still a bargain.

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