Bodega Aurrera completes CINSA step boiler, one of the best according to Profeco

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Bodega Aurrera completes the CINSA stepper boiler, one of the best, according to Profeco. Find out which features of this accessory can make your life easier.

we told you recently Home Depot completes modern, compact and safe CALOREX boiler that delivers more hot water instantly.

If you look at the appliances that make your home life easier, you may find elements like the heater you own that are over twenty years old.

Even more concerning is the fact that you may not have had any form of maintenance on some of these elements for at least a decade.

If you start to notice that the water is cooling faster, or that your boiler is no longer capable of heating large amounts of water, or may shut down immediately, then it’s time to replace it.

The good news is that Bodega Aurrera’s current catalog has products that can make your life in the shower a little less complicated.

How much does a CINSA stepping boiler cost?

Bodega Aurrera completes CINSA step boiler, one of the best according to Profeco. Therefore, do not ignore recommendations for this product that is on sale.

The CINSA Ladder Boiler from Bodega Aurrera is priced at Php 1,699; with this, you can save up to Php 1,086 since the original price is Php 2,785.

While there are monthly payments, these are fixed, so while you can opt for 12 months, you’ll end up paying a higher price.

You can find products with the label “Instantaneous Basico Gas LP Instantaneous Boiler Heater Cin-06 E Basico Gas-lp CINSA Cinsa Instantaneous Basico Gas LP” or product code 00750222704030.

What does Profeco say about the CINSA through-boiler?

Last year 2021, the Federal Office for Consumer Protection evaluated 23 products on the market focused on hot water.

In this regard, Consumer Magazine details that the product is rated “Very Good” among models made in Mexico and Chile.

Many of their products feature 90% thermal efficiency as well as low gas consumption, which is good for your pocket.

What is the service life of a Cinsa boiler?

According to professional media Ferrepat, Cinsa boilers have a service life of up to 10 years.

How to light a Cinsa brand boiler?

  1. Turn the knob on the thermostat until it is in the “pilot” position.
  2. Press and hold the gas button for 15 to 30 seconds while pressing the spark ignition button
  3. You will create a fire to light your Cinsa

Now you know, Bodega Aurrera completes the CINSA stepper boiler, which according to Profeco is one of the best.

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